Duck nails are making a comeback. Here’s everything you need to know

Duck nails are making a comeback. Here’s everything you need to know

The nail art game has changed over the years, with everyone experimenting and practically wearing their personality on their nails. Duck nails, with their wide and duck feet looking shape, have opened up another medium for nail enthusiasts to load up their nails with: charms, glitter, art patterns, and embellishments that reflect their style.

What do duck nails look like?

Duck nails are synonymous with how your nails get after staying submerged in water for a long time. The nails are thin at the start and wider at the end resembling a fan. The flares at the end are what give it that weird shape that resembles duck feet. These nails cannot be classified under quaint lady nails as they defy the norms and stand out in the nail space.

This throwback nail look is Y2K inspired—our beloved 90’s retro aesthetic fashion trend. On style street, it is well known that this nail style was made popular around 2011, by the reality television star, Snooki of MTV’s Jersey shore. Maybe, that’s why it is nicknamed jersey nail, even back then the nail was trendy and artistic.

Duck nails are making a comeback. Here’s everything you need to know

The deliberate wide tip design of this nail allows for the art on the nails to pop. Its comeback isn’t surprising as people like to be more daring with their nail choices these days. Nail artists can’t complain because they’ve been given more room to let their artistic side shine. At least some of them must be fans of this nail trend as well, even if it goes against the rules of nail sculpting.

Types of duck nails

The nails come in two varieties: the curved tip moon-shaped and the two curves crown-shaped. Since the nails are not naturally wide at the end, the manicure is achieved with an acrylic nail form and also extensions filed to be slanted down.

You can embrace the duck nail trend wholeheartedly and get a full flared tip in all its weird glory. On the other hand, you may opt for a modest flared tip. This way you can rock this nail trend according to your style.

How did they stage a comeback?

The duck nail styles are all over social media and have made a huge splash on Tiktok. The hashtag, ‘duck nails’ has been used and reused over a million times. Simply put, more ladies are catching on to the trend and getting the duck nails manicure.

Who wants to pass up the opportunity to go all out on nail accessories? The motto is to go big or go home, right? What’s even more amazing is that the love and hate relationship ladies have for this nail trend just seems to be fueling the comeback even more.

Many thanks should be given to Tiktok for reviving the duck nails trend. Much credit can be given to the social media app and its influencers for knocking other natural-looking nails like almond and stiletto nails out of the park. The beauty in the unusual shape is what makes it more appealing. There are just some things that shine through even with their weirdness, and duck nails happen to be one of them.

The obsession with this nail type is not about the shape but the extra room for styling. The design you choose is entirely up to you, from 3D charms to glitter packs, bejeweled, hello kitty, hand-painted art and so much more. Let your manicurist go all out with your style and you just may end up with the most unique and visually stunning nails. Although its wide tip look is stretched out and unevenly designed, the right manicurist can give you duck nails that are perfect for your fingers accompanied by stunning nail designs.

Duck nails are making a comeback. Here’s everything you need to know

Dangers of wearing duck nails

Although duck nails are gorgeous, there’s the question of how well you can function with them on. While some feel it’s prone to break easily, crack, and may catch on to outfits due to its unusual shape, many manicurists feel that you can function well with them, as long as you didn’t get an oversized design.

While many people love the duck nail style, others believe that nail styles like flared and duck nails do not have a sound structure. It is believed that its imbalanced nature makes it prone to cause damage to your natural nails which may lead to bacterial infection. The thickness on the outer part makes the nail tip heavier, rather than those that have narrower sides than your nail bed. This can be dangerous for your natural nails.


The choice of nails is totally personal, so no one expects you to go for styles that will make you feel uncomfortable. If duck nails appeal to you, then go for it regardless of whatever people say about it.

Walk into your local nail shop, choose any design you want, and rock those nails. The duck nails are worth the try, especially with all the recent trends we have seen so far. Get them done now while the nail trend is hot, and flaunt it all over your socials.

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