Curtain bangs are flattering AF! Here’s how to cut them yourself

Curtain bangs are flattering AF! Here's how to cut them yourself

Curtain bangs are incredibly chic right now—they have sort of become the hairstyle a lot of ladies love to rock. This is because they give an easy and chill vibe and they look good on everyone, no matter your hair type.

This hairstyle got its name from the fact that your hair falls on both sides and frames your face just like curtains do. It is a variant of the fringe hairstyle but with more a relaxed and layered feel to them.

Curtain bangs are currently in so if you’ve been spotting this hairstyle around and feel you can achieve the look at home, we’ve got you covered. In this search for the trendiest hairstyles, you’re not alone, especially if you want to do it yourself. Here’s all you need to know to get the perfect curtain bangs so get your hair tools ready.

Curtain bangs pre-cutting stage

These are all the things you need to do before you cut your hair. We recommended that you follow this guide to the letter to avoid a failed attempt and getting stuck with a bad hairstyle. Your hair will grow back, of course, but until then…would you really rather be stuck with a bad hairstyle?

The hair tools for the job

Lay out all the tools you’ll be needing to achieve this hairstyle. Get your cutting tools ready: a pair of hair trimming shears or a styling razor. This is not the job for just any scissors you can find at home. Using just any pair of scissors is the easiest way to mess this up, actually.

You can easily buy a pair from any local store or borrow from a friend, as the case may be. Get a rat tail comb for parting your hair, and a flat fine-toothed comb. Find some clips to help hold the hair sections, and you’re good.

Prepare your hair

We know we all like to get a hair wash before getting a new haircut. One thing you should avoid when cutting your bangs is wet hair. This is because your hair stretches and gives an inaccurate length. Therefore, you should make sure you dry and detangle your hair properly before cutting. The goal here is to have your hair made just like you’d like it.

 Visualize the exact curtain bangs hairstyle

You should set a goal for the look you are trying to reach. You may find some hair inspo on the web or from a friend. Just remember to have a clear picture in mind or at hand of the exact hairstyle that you want. This will keep you in check while cutting your hair.

The cutting stage

To cut your hair, start by using the rat tail comb to make a middle part on your hair. Then use your fine-tooth comb to part your hair into two streams from the top middle of your hair. Start from the forehead, and take the comb back to the part you just made.

From the part, section out a triangle shape in your hair. This is where you cut your bangs. To get the exact measurements that suit your face shape exactly, use the top of your head and your eyebrow arches. Comb the hair down using the eyebrow arch as a guide, and part from one angle to the other then clip each side into place.

Comb the sectioned-out parts of your hair to the front of your face forward to your temples. Run the comb through multiple times, and stop with the comb by your chin. To take the first cut, you will place your fingers underneath the comb, holding the trimming shears parallel, then cut the whole section.

This chin-length cut is advised at first so that you will be able to trim well and also get the soft hairline you’re aiming for. To trim your hair, part the triangle section of the hair into right and left. Use your fingers to hold one part and trim with the scissors facing upwards below the fingers. The slight angle from the start to the end arch of the eyebrow should be your guide when trimming.

At this stage, the curtain bangs may not look natural, so you may have to make little cut-offs at the bottom of the bangs while holding the scissors downwards. You need to comb as you cut your hair to make the bangs look more natural, blend into the rest of your hair, and flatter your face.

The use of styling razors is a bit more advanced. If you are confident enough, then this is a much quicker option. Just prep your hair as aforementioned and section it out. Then trim the bangs from the center to the end of your eyebrows angling the arch. The technique here is to use the razor to feather-trim the hair carefully till you get the desired length and layers.

In summary, remember that the more hair you section out, the thicker your curtain bangs. Do not forget to the final point cut to add texture to your hair. Now that you’ve got your curtain bangs, what’s left but to style and explore. Go rock your hair!

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