10 hot men you should be following on Instagram

10 hot men you should follow on Instagram

We spend a lot of time on Instagram. As you scroll through your Instagram feed, you can admit that sometimes it gets boring. Haven’t you had enough of all the posts about nails, brunch, and clothes? If you want to switch up your feed then it’s time to update your following list with some hot men. From models to actors and fitness experts, these men are a delight to look at.

These hot men are the perfect interlude to your plain feeds. Take a peek at all the muscular bodies, sexy pictures, and some of the activities they get around to. Your time on Instagram is about to get a full dose of hotness.

1. Micheal B Jordan

Micheal B Jordan is an actor and producer with a banging body and a great smile. The “Creed” and “Black Panther” star is one of the sexiest men alive. If you can’t get enough of seeing his body in the movies, the star makes his Instagram worth your time.


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His 17.9 million followers can’t complain about the content he shares on his page. Tap into his page for a more exciting view as he shares posts about his gym workouts and daily activities.

2. Broderick Hunter

Instead of pushing his basketball dreams, Broderick Hunter decided to follow his modeling career. Broderick is a performing artist and model, who is arguably the king of Instagram selfies. He is so hot, all his selfies are perfect—truly some caramel goodness to bless your timeline. His Instagram page shows different parts of his life but you might remember him from “Insecure” on HBO where he played the character of Felix.


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3. Sean O’Pry

Sean O’Pry became popular and broke into modeling by sharing his prom photos on Myspace. The camera loves his face, with his striking blue eyes and cheekbones, and his drool-worthy body.


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This has given him the privilege to be a part of many fashion campaigns. Sean shares amazing pictures on Instagram from top brand photoshoots. To top it off, this avid dog lover is one of the most successful male models.

4. David Gandy

David Gandy has worked with many fashion brands including being a Dolce& Gabanna top model for years. See him in all his classy glory in the tuxedos and luxury cars he features on his page.


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One feature hot men have is rock-solid abs and David dishes it out all over his Insta. His page is unique because it is filled mostly with black and white pictures, showing his style and taste for fashion. Apart from being a model, he is a businessman, writer, and a philanthropist.

5. Jon Kortajarena

Jon is a Spanish-born model blessed with good genes so that he looks great in whatever he wears. He has worked with top brands like David Yurman, and also does some acting alongside modeling, like appearing in Tom Ford’s blockbuster, “A single man”. Following him on Instagram is so much fun because he shares hot selfies, clips from fun times with his family, and all the goofy stuff he does.


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6. Seth Holbrook

Seth Holbrook is a fitness model and musician who takes his bodybuilding seriously. A scroll through his Instagram page will leave you hot and bothered, as flaunts his washboard abs and muscular body in just briefs. He features pictures from his modeling shoots and some with his friends who are hot men as well.


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7. Terrence Telle

We all know how sexy French men can be, and Terrence is one of such. The French model with his hot chocolate skin and cute smile has walked the runway for top fashion brands like Armani and Versace. Besides modeling, he competed in the French version of “Strictly Come Dancing”.


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8. Milan Christopher

Milan is one of the hot men with many talents. The model and actor has gotten around to doing lots of things including the TV show, “Love and Hip-Hop”, and a comic series.

He is a self-acclaimed rap phenomenon and can be found doing rap freestyle. He is also an activist while running a gossip page all linked to his Instagram account. There is certainly no dull moment with this dude.

9. Pietro Boselli

He is the male version of beauty with brains. Pietro has done campaigns for Abercrombie & Fitch and has been on the cover of “Attitude” lifestyle magazine. He holds a degree in mechanical engineering and was once a mathematics lecturer. He maintains his physique with steamy workout sessions you will want to check out.


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10. Stephen James

Now here is a cute man with a bad boy streak to complete our list of hot men. His graphic tattooed and hot body cannot be missed. Stephen has been photographed with legends like David Beckham, Madonna, and top model Irina Shayk. He is the founder of the hair care line and salon “Who is Elijah” which aims to give men beautiful hair just like his.


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This list comprises some of the hottest men on social media with faces and bodies you won’t get tired of seeing. Your fingers must be itching to follow some of these men. Go on, because they will change your Instagram feed from the moment you follow them.

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