3 YouTube Channels Every Horror Fan Should Know About

3 YouTube Channels Every Horror Fan Should Know About
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Our favorite time of the year is when everything becomes more eerie, creepy, and surreal. The fall season brings with it the promise of delivering top-notch horror content. Fans like you start to wait for the new and exciting movies eagerly and shows to come out and scare the bejeesus out of you finally.

Needless to say, the craving for horror content rises to its peak, and finding the right one to satiate this craving surely becomes a challenge. These days, finding a true horror story can turn out to be quite a difficult task. Let’s say the scary collection in the current times is pretty underwhelming.

But you know what never disappoints you? Some YouTube channels are dedicated to bringing content that can send chills down your spine. Therefore, we have created a list of our top picks for some of the best YouTube channels every horror fan should know about. 

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Keeping this in view, let’s move forward to our top picks of YouTube channels every horror fan should know about. 

Disclaimer: The name of the channels can be subject to change after some time; however, the information written in the article is correct at the time of writing. 

  • Mr. CreepyPasta

All those of you interested in creepypasta should check out this channel. Hands down it has one of the most addictive contents out there. With videos that can send raise the hair at the back of your neck and make you lose sleep at night, Mr. CreepyPasta is the place you go for it. 

Essentially, it is a collection of some of the terrifying stories you can find online. The poster claims to bring those stories to life through chilling narration. The channel posts new videos every day and give a warning for its mature theme related to ghosts and the occult. 

You can find storytime videos like “Voices in the Spirit Box”, “Playland”, “I Found a Terrifying TikTok While Home Alone on Halloween”, and tons of other content like this. 

  • Mr. Nightmare 

One of the OGs in the horror channels available on YouTube, Mr. Nightmare is the channel that takes horror to another level. The poster uploads videos anonymously and never reveal his identity. With narration that can immediately give you goosebumps, Mr. Nightmare gives you content of all kinds. 

As a subscriber, you can send in your real-life encounters with the supernatural or anything that can freak the listeners out. The channel owner narrates those stories along with some of the fictional ones and creepypasta. On the whole, you can find all kinds of content on Mr. Nightmare, with sound effects and visuals that further intensify these videos’ creepiness. 

  • Screamfest 

If you have found all the latest hit horror films not scary enough, let us introduce you to the channel that beats the stories and supernatural elements of all those big names. Screamfest is an initiative taken to support the indie filmmakers and screenwriters of the horror genre by providing a platform to showcase their talent and art. 

The channel features a collection of short horror films with plotlines ranging from serial killers, and psychotic patients, to ghosts and demons. 

Screamfest has been gaining massive popularity amongst the online community of horror fans that look for content that immediately grabs their attention. You can find films with titles like “The Severing”, “Killer Kart”, “Mime”, and many more. 

So, if you have been looking for fictional stories with perfect execution of acting and compelling, mind-bending stories, check out Screamfest today!

To Sum Up

YouTube is a video platform where you can find more hands-on content than anywhere else. With plenty of horror channels on this platform, it can be challenging to find the ones that truly make you sleep with one eye open at night. Therefore, we suggest you check out the channels mentioned in this article and get into a spooky season’s feels. 


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