5 Best Wig Hairstyles For Summer +The Coolest Styling Tips

wig hairstyles for summer

If wearing wig hairstyles for summer is problematic due to the heat, you haven’t met the right human hair wig brand. Luckily, we have rounded up the summer wig hairstyles you will love.

Covering your hair in protective human hair is like the 101 of black girl hairstyles. You need a wig if you don’t have a voluminous mane that can stand styling frequently. It gives you the freedom to switch up your look effortlessly. You can go through different colors, lengths, and textures as often.

Another great thing is that you don’t need pro-skills to style wigs, as most of them come ready to wear. Even then, we will be dishing out tips to help rock your wigs all summer. So, whether you are searching for your next wig hairstyle or need some inspiration to proceed this summer with wigs in tow, read on as we give you five summer wig hairstyles.

1. Bob Wigs

Let’s start with a favorite for the summer season. Bob wigs have gotten quite a rep of their own and have earned their place as a staple hairstyle. It is usually a short-length wig, but you can go to lengths like 16 inches. There are different variants to bob wigs hence why they are so popular.

You can choose a blunt cut for its sleek appearance, perfect for looking stylish for summer. If you fancy some curls, curly bob wigs are also another great option to get you in great spirits. Bob wig hairstyles for summer are forever a classic, and you can find a variety of the best overnight African American wigs to recreate your look at Nadula hair.

Nadula Straight Short Bob Wig Lace Frontal 150% Density Wig Pre Plucked 100% Human Hair Super Soft wig hairstyles for summer

2. Wigs with Waves

How suiting is it to spend your summer on the beach with a wavy wig? Well, it is excellent for sure. Human hair wigs with wavy curls add a fun spice to your summer look. The best part is it maintains its styling for long hours, even with the wind and humidity, so it can be your go-to summer wig hairstyle when you have a lot planned.

Deep wave wig hairstyles are better with a perfect human hair wig, so choose from the selection to nail this style. When you get your hands on the wig, you only need some water and leave-in conditioner mix to keep it looking brand new whenever.

Nadula Lace Front Deep Curly Human Hair Wig 150% Density Natural Black Wavy Wig | Nadula

3. Center Parted Wigs

One significant turn-off that makes many people skip wigs in the summer is the hair sticking to their face. You quickly turn into a hot mess with a wig all over the place, so you need a wig with a well-defined center part like the 5×5 HD lace closure Straight wig to hold off the hair. Generally, center-parted hairstyles are easy to manage, even with long-length wigs.

When there is high humidity, you can always gather your hair or throw a band in to keep it at the back. Another great way to rock the center-parted wig hairstyle without breaking a sweat is slicking it down with some products. Then finish by laying down your baby hairs for the ultimate chic look.

5x5 HD lace closure Straight wig 180% Density Glueless Wig Real Human Hair wig hairstyles for summer

4. Straight Wigs

Straight wig hairstyles are always a winner when styled correctly, instead of tilting to the shorter lengths just because it is summer. No offense, since short straight wigs are equally cute, you could go for the longer wigs.

You get more styling variations when you have lengths and hair volume to work with, and Nadula hair has a selection of human hair to create different straight wig hairstyles of your dreams. It is easier to gather into a ponytail, instantly making a sweat-proof and flawless look.

You could always fold the ponytail into a messy knot if you need more air. To elevate the face, you could add scarves or hair accessories. If you have a stylish wig like the ones from Nadula, you can even do messy braids with wigs, from fishtail to corn rows, crown braids, or matting random wig strands to create a unique look.

There is so much you could do with a straight wig, especially those with a lace front that blends seamlessly into your skin.

Nadula 13x4 Lace Front Wigs 150% Density High Quality Straight Human Hair Wig hairstyles for summer

5. Colored Wig Hairstyles

Summer is a great time to let out all the colorful wigs in your collection. If you haven’t gotten one yet, now is a good time to plunge into some vibrant hues. Light colors are less likely to absorb heat than dark tones. And it is way better to invest in colored human hair wigs than dyeing your hair outright.

You get to try out different colors without causing any harm to your natural mane. Since human hair wigs come treated, they can take in several colors; you only must apply generous amounts of haircare products to keep it looking healthy. So, what are the best-colored wig hairstyles for summer?

You will find red, from vibrant to deep maroon shades. Then there is orange, which looks good on curly wigs, and the burnt orange hues are now having a moment. The blondes also came out to play, with the honey blonde shade taking center stage this summer.

If you don’t want to go full-colored hair mode, you could opt for highlights of vibrant colors in your dark hair to update your hairstyle. Thankfully, premium quality human hair wigs are within reach of Nadula hair.

Nadula Ginger And Copper Red Highlight Straight Wigs hairstyles for summer

Do I need to wear a wig cap in summer?

We know you are trying to keep the heat to a bare minimum, but this doesn’t mean you should ditch the wig caps. It would help if you opted for a breathable wig cap instead, as they protect your natural hair from the rough surface of wigs.

Apart from being a protective cover, it reduces irritation caused by sweat since it soaks up a considerable amount. You also get to protect your scalp. Suppose you have forgotten that your scalp is delicate skin, and you need a wig cap to protect it.

Nowadays, wigs have a breathable base that aids airflow, but you still cannot skip the wig caps. The only thing you should consider when buying your next wig is buying a matching wig cap color to look more natural.

Is a synthetic hair wig better for summer than a human hair wig?

Synthetic wigs are arguably better for summer use since it is lightweight and maintain their factory shape for a limited wear time. Asides from these two, they do not come close to human hair wigs. In contrast, human hair wigs give you the same feel as your natural hair.

So, all the environmental conditions and frizzing you are trying to save your hair will happen to your wigs. The human hair wigs will collect product build-ups, sweat, oils, and dust, which can make them heavy. In our books, we believe it has served the purpose of protecting your natural hair, and with a little wash, your wig should bounce back.

When your natural hair takes too many hits, it is hard to remain healthy. It is left to choose, but human hair wigs are always the best option, even for summer. Nothing beats a wig that can get bleached, straightened, dyed, and styled to suit your needs.


In summary, we are sure you won’t be keeping wigs aside this summer with these wig hairstyles for summer inspiration you have seen. It is always a good time to shop for wigs, as chic styling awaits.

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