What are MILFs? Everything you should know

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Men are most likely to use the word milf since it is a code among them to describe a sexy older woman they have sexual fantasies of. However, whenever a woman is referred to in that way, it is only right to wonder what milfs are and why you were referred to in that way.

You would be surprised that several men do not know the meaning of the word while others use it inappropriately. The word can be empowering for a mom who did not feel sexy before being described as a milf. It is not to be confused for a cougar because in the latter case, the women act as the predator.

The code word transcends to more than just a teenage boy and his sexual urges for an older woman; it takes different forms. Read on to find out everything that you should know about the word milf and its usage in pop culture.

What are milfs?

The word milf is an acronym to downplay an indecent attraction to an older lady. It stands for “Mother I’d like to f**k”. In the real sense, it is meant to be a compliment but it is rather regarded as vulgar on the part of most ladies.

The word is laced with sexual innuendos and is not just for complimenting a hot mom. Instead, it gives off the signal that the man will sleep with her if given the chance. The codeword has been used by men over time to classify gorgeous and bangable older women.

How the acronym milfs became acceptable in pop culture

The term milf was coined as a nod to older women with kids who are not seen as sexy or desirable to other men. A 2014 Playboy article classified milfs as a symbol of a confident and sexual woman, which equals a good lay for men.

Before that, the question of what are milfs was on everyone’s lips after a scene from the ’90s movie “American Pie”. When Stifler’s mom (Jennifer Coolidge) was called a milf, it soon turned into a juicy discussion. The word is still used to date to describe a sexy mom.

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It didn’t take long for the adult entertainment industry to jump on the milf trend. They made content based on the term and the results were evident when Pornhub declared “Milf” and “Mom” ranked 5th and 6th most searched words in 2015.

American musician Fergie, who is part of the Black-eyed Peas group took the term to a whole other level after releasing her single titled “MILF MONEY” in 2016 that soon became an anthem for hot moms. The music video was full of hot and gorgeous dressed women, including Ciara, Chrissy Teigen, and Kim Kardashian. Also, it made breast milk and breastfeeding sexy. While the music video got some backlash, most moms could relate to how they hoped to be seen.

How are women classified as milfs?

The code word was formed based on men trying to put women they are attracted to into a class of their own, and few things make women milfs. The perfect example of a milf would be a sexy lady in her early forties.

Middle-aged women: A woman can be classified as milf when she is older. This is because they are older and more likely to be a mom. In this case, a younger man can safely use the word to describe the lady since it becomes unnecessary for a man around the same age to regard a middle-aged woman as a milf.

The term from this angle is viewed as a childish attempt by a teenage or young adult male to describe attraction for older ladies.

Attractive women: After establishing the fact that older women are milfs, it does not quite invite every one of them to the class. Only the hot and attractive ones get the recognition. Most women do not care about how sexy they look after giving birth while others take out the time to maintain beauty.

It doesn’t matter if the woman has kids or not. A man that is trying to score some will not bother to check all these because they are only sexually attracted to the older hot lady.

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Sexually advanced: The general idea that young men have is that milfs are more sexually advanced than they are. Since they are older, milfs will most likely have more sexual encounters than they do. Hence, the fantasies of sleeping with them start to develop.

Milfs are confident: There is a tendency of a man to confirm if the milf is into them by how she responds to their pursuits. Older ladies are direct and do not play around, thus they become more attractive because they know what they want.


The world milf can be a compliment as much as it is a sexual label. While some women do not mind being called such, you should check if a person is okay with such terms become throwing it out. It is not particular to women as men are also regarded as Dilfs if they fall into the sexy classification of being older and sexually appealing.

The term Milf has now evolved to a more socially acceptable word called WHIP that stands for ”woman who is hot” which is a lot more acceptable to describe a glamourous and sexy older lady. It is time for women to be addressed more respectably.

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