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Smoke smart is the attractive marketing ploy behind the successful herbal cigarette sale, do you believe they are a healthier alternative?

Smoking is more of a lifestyle for some people, and herbal cigarettes are the new wave because they are ‘tobacco-free.’ Regular cigarettes contain tobacco as their primary ingredient, and the nicotine content makes it addictive. Herbal cigarettes are portrayed to aid nicotine withdrawal and are the best substitute for smoking tobacco-based products.

The use of herbal cigarettes in places that forbid smoking tobacco-based products. Non-smoking actors also use them to act a scene safely. So, the catch here is that it is nicotine-free and a healthier option. However, they also can cause health issues because they contain carcinogens. Surprise surprise.

What are Herbal Cigarettes?

Herbal cigarettes come made with plant substances and herbs rather than tobacco. Hence, they are called tobacco-free cigarettes and an alternative for smoking the regular ones. Any paper rolled in herbs such as lemongrass, passionflower, or ginseng, is tagged an herbal cigarette.

They resemble regular cigarettes that taste pleasant and pleasing to the senses because of the herb’s content. These all-natural ingredients are healthy food items used every day; but they also become harmful when smoked.

How are Herbal Cigarettes made?

The classic piece of herbal cigarettes is the rolling paper, with herbs or plants bundled together after adding a cigarette filter. For their spicy flavor, several herbs get substituted for tobacco, such as cinnamon, ginseng, jasmine, and mint. The plant materials can be from dried cabbages to rose petals, lettuce, and clover leaves.

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Health effects of smoking Herbal Cigarettes

When it comes to smoking, herbal sticks are the best non-addictive option. In a manner, not so perfect, many health issues underline frequent usage. Sure, herbal cigarettes do not contain nicotine like regular cigarettes but are toxic to health to promote the formation of cancer. The standard form of cancer it can cause is bladder cancer, with symptoms like difficulty breathing, dizziness, and headaches.

For a fact, before anything has smoke, you must introduce fire for it to burn. Anything that burns produces tar and toxic carbons, which, I repeat, applies to smoking anything. Therein means even if herbal cigarettes are tobacco-free, you still inhale these toxins into your lungs when you smoke them. You may also experience the visible signs of dry skin, dull skin tone, and a change in skin texture associated with smoking generally.

source: Healthline

Regulation of sale

When the production of herbal cigarettes started to boom, they were unregulated, and brands got to advertise the products as they pleased. Research shows its harmful effects on health instead of how healthy the marketers promoted them. In some states, they now come with the warning sign, saying that it emits carbon monoxide and tar, which are poisonous to your health.

However, herbal cigarettes are legal to smoke and you can buy them in most cities in the US and around the world. They have also become a trend to underaged people as the flavorful types are familiar to teens. Only a few states have restricted the sale of herbal cigarettes to adults.

Dangers of smoking tobacco alternative

Tobacco alternatives have been getting a lot of hype because they got marketed as an healthier choice. I already showed you that this is not really the case because they are all linked to different forms of cancers and oral/ lung infections. From vaping to hookah and pipes of an added substance, none of these options are 100% safe. Below are two common tobacco alternatives you think are healthy but are really not:

– Clove cigarettes: commonly known as kreteks, blend cloves and tobacco. The tobacco content is higher than the cloves but gets sold as an alternative cigarette. They are dangerous to the health as they produce harmful toxins and higher nicotine than regular cigarettes. Even the clove oil it contains makes it addictive.

– Bidis: one of the favorite alternative cigarettes among teens and young adults since they come in different flavors. The allure of this cigarette is beautiful; it is thinner and looking hand-rolled with colorful inserts. Don’t even get started on the flavors, ranging from strawberry, orange, chocolates, and other fruits. No matter the ploy to sell them, they are unfiltered and pose threats to your health for their high nicotine content.

9 nicotine-free herbal cigarettes

Undoubtedly, quitting smoking can be a hard battle to overcome, but it doesn’t mean it is impossible. Any substance lit up and smoked poses one health risk or the other. Below are some excellent options to try. This list covey a curated selection of cigarettes containing only natural ingredients, with different blends. So, you can choose a suitable combination that works for you.

1. Nirdosh Herbal Cigarettes

Nirdosh has been a quit smoking alternative favored by several reviews. Most people won’t die from smoking the Nirdosh brand, and it is no wonder herbal shops always carry them. The brand is committed to natural life with a wide range of flavorful herbal products and basic kits. They are, of course, free of tobacco and nicotine traces.

nirdosh unfiltered
Source: Nirdosh

2. American Billy

This cigarette is a top choice for most people since they fit the mark for being tobacco-free. It has a green tea and black tea blend, and just like the tea, it promises to relieve your stress. So, if your fancy tea alternatives as an excellent smoking option, American Billy will do the trick.

American billy
Source: Billy 55

3. Honeyrose Vanilla

If you are all about the smell, then Honeyrose is your best bet. They became sought after for their sweet smell and taste. The brand also has other smoking products that carry innovative scents and flavors.

honey rose vanilla
Source: Honeyrose

4. Breather Supreme Herbal Cigarettes

You can always opt for a blend of wild herbs that is nicotine-free such as the Breather Supreme. The brands boast this will help you rid nicotine traces in your system if you want to quit smoking. It is tobacco-free and leaves a natural taste and smell after smoking.

breather supreme herbal cigarettes
Source: Breather

5. Holy Smokes

Holy smokes is another excellent option for herbal switches and get enjoyed by many people. The brand uses only bio-degradable products to manufacture cigarettes. Herbs come rolled in rice paper, so it is light for smoking. Even it’s sealing with sugar gum, which finishes off its all-natural branding, the cigarettes also use an organic cotton filter.

holy smokes
Source: Holy Smokes

6. Organic Smokes

Organic Smokes infuse the great holy basil Tulsi into their cigarettes since they became widely used in Ayurvedic medicine. They have become known to relieve anxiety and give a sense of calm after smoking them. The well blended cigarette created are smooth and leave a subtle scent after smoking. The herbal cigarettes come in a wooden case and are a certified luxury alternative.

organic smokes herbal smokes
Source: Organic Smokes

7. Brown Bear Herbs

This brand is all about that organic smoking lifestyle, using natural fiber paper to roll the herbs. The cigarettes usually come in 10 per pack, and the packaging is very pleasing. A message is coded into the paper wrap on the tips you get to see it after smoking. They also have a blend of herbs to roll yourself if you like to smoke that way.

Source: Brown Bear Herbs

8. Ecstasy Herbal cigarettes

Ecstasy is one of the best-selling herbal cigarettes; it is all-natural, with years of craft behind the brand. They come made with exotic herbs, such as wild dagga, blue lotus, mugwort, betel palm, and the likes, a blend of an acquired taste. And are nicotine-free, which means no addiction.

ecstasy smokes
Source: ecstacy

9. Huaian Stick Moxa

As we have established, lighting up an herbal cigarette doesn’t come without its health risks. So, it is best to go with safe brands like the Huaian sticks, and they come made with a healthy blend of herbs that burns smoothly. They are said to be safe enough to be smoked by pregnant women!

huaian-stick-moxa herbal cigarettes
Source: Huaian Stick Moxa

Where to buy herbal cigarettes

If you search for some herbal cigarettes, you can start by checking your local convenience stores. Most marts carry a wide assortment of them and can get purchased by anyone. You can also buy herbal cigarettes online at popular sites like Amazon.

Buying from the brand’s website is also a good option, as some of them even have a toll-free order number. Several smoke shops sell herbal cigarettes, and you can visit a few to find a suitable brand.


How do you trust a bunch of herbs bundled together as a better substitute? Herbal cigarettes are an unproven smoke improvised experiment with great marketing. Whenever an item gets associated with herbal, natural, organic, we all perceive it is safe. The incredible flavors they come in don’t make them easy to resist as well. The benefits attached to smoking herbal cigarettes are pretty catchy; for one, they are non-addictive.

They feel like a better option to smoke in public where tobacco is prohibited. And will not leave the pungent smell that comes with regular smoking cigarettes. However, herbal cigarettes produce tar when smoked and carbon monoxide, with a carcinogenic toxin. So, you better off not smoking anything at all. Understand that herbal cigarette are associated with health risks just like regular cigarettes.

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