Scotch On The Rocks: Why You Should Start Drinking Your Scotch With Ice

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When you order a scotch on the rocks, it should just be a simple drink of scotch served over ice. If you frequent the bars or like to have a few drinks, you know it is now more complicated than that.

Most people have found that adding ice makes your scotch go down smoothly, hence the drink’s popularity. However, everyone prefers the scotch on the rock’s drinks. While some prefer the bartender to decide the number of rocks(ice) suitable for their drink, others prefer to customize it. So, they would rather have the waiter serve the scotch and the ice in a chiller where they can mix the drinks themselves. Which party do you belong to? 

In addition to the different styles, most people still prefer to drink their neat, stating it ruins the taste of the drink. Most bars already have a serving ratio for their house scotch on the order of the rocks. This means you get the same standard taste every time you order. 

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Is it Right to Drink Scotch on the Rocks?

When you hear people ordering whiskey on the rocks in bars, you might wonder if it is a great drink. There is no right or wrong choice; it is all a matter of taste. It is not wrong to explore different options whenever you visit the bar. Rather than sticking to one style, you can drink try scotch on the rocks and regular chilled whiskey to see which you like best. 

At the bar, the primary purpose of ice is to cool drinks. When drinking whiskey (or any beverage) directly, you can enjoy it at room temperature or a little chilled; it is achieved by pouring it on ice or in a cold glass. Adding ice to drinks whiskey dilutes it and releases new flavors. While doing this, you need to be careful.

That’s because ice melts, making you feel like you’re drinking more water than whiskey, but you can still enjoy the taste. Most people prefer to go with adding water to their instead, so they can control the taste, unlike ice. It would help if you also considered the time you spend drinking up. The more you wait and nurse the drink, the waterier it becomes. 

A great way to enjoy scotch on the rocks drink is in a cocktail. The glass gets mixed with other items (or not), including the ice, and given a stir or a big shake. The resulting drink is accessible on the palate with a subtle kick of the alcohol in the end.  Core whiskey lovers reject mixing the drink with anything, as they only appreciate the original taste. They feel if ice ingredients get added, it ruins the experience of feeling the brew at its best.

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How to Serve Scotch on the Rocks the Right Way?

The drink option consists of just two items, a whiskey, and ice. So, you must use your best products to give the drink the right kick. This leaves the dilemma of which whiskey to choose or which size of ice.

Here's Why You Should Drink Whiskey On the Rocks
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Choosing the Best Whiskey to Serve Over Ice

If you’ve decided to explore how whiskey tastes on the rocks, you can choose to go with your preferred whiskey brand or try something new. 

  • Flavored Whiskey

Generally, rye and bourbon-flavored whiskeys have an intense flavor that gets tagged as strength. If you have tasted such drinks, the power and flavor can translate to harsh or the proper burn. And that is the kick we are talking about. You can drink your whiskey this way, or water it down with spicy rye, to make the sip enjoyable. 

  • Soft Bourbon

If you don’t like the bite flavored whiskey gives, you can opt for softer variants. Such beverage contains lesser alcohol content and will not feel harsh after drinking. The truth is you can sip on its own and enjoy the flavors since it flows smoothly. However, you can still open the taste with ice or water as it releases a soft wheat aroma. 

  • Scotch Whiskey

For scotch whiskey, it is a matter of the blend and price tag people use to classify them. With that in mind, you notice the excellent quality whiskey gets usually served on its own. A typical example is the Johnnie Walker family’s whiskey, which has red, black, blue, and green labels. Red and black brands are cheaper, so you find that people are serving it on the rocks. You will find the more expensive ones like the blue label served straight because of the quality. 

  • Single Malt Scotch

The single malt scotch is the most priced, and it is rare to find them lying around. So, you can hardly find anyone that adds ice to it. They come from 100% malted barley, single malts that have stayed for a minimum of three years in oak barrels.

You can choose any whiskey variants to add ice if you prefer the taste. Price or blend shouldn’t stop you from trying out new or enjoying scotch on the rocks.

How to Drink Scotch

Choosing the Best Ice (rocks) Size

Yes, there is lousy ice when making scotch on the rocks. The quality of the ice has to do with the size of the ice, as the regular ice size won’t cut it if you hope to maintain the premium taste of your whiskey. That’s because when melted ice overruns your whiskey, it ruins the experience. So, what is the best ice for scotch on the rocks? Below are some of the criteria for making a cube of great ice. 

Clean ice: You need clean, preferably distilled water to make your ice. 

How you freeze the ice: When freezing ice for drinks, you must care about what you put next to it. Water picks up smells, so you should keep food items with pungent odors away. You can also seal up your ice trays or use an ice maker

Size: Ice with a large size will melt slower than your average small circle balls. If you make ice yourself, ensure you use an ice maker of considerable size. While it will not help the ice dilute slower, it also helps you control the right ice proportion for a glass of drink. 

What Adding Ice to Your Whiskey Does

Adding ice to your whiskey has several effects it does o your drink; the most noticeable one is that it cools your drink. Another thing it does is it boosts the taste when you add the correct number of rocks to your scotch. Since ice dilutes the taste when it melts, it takes off the kick drinking whiskey neat has. In addition, you get some hydration while drinking, making it the perfect combo to try even on hot days. 


Scotch of rocks is a drink variant you can enjoy both day and night, in bars and at home.” On the rocks” is typically any mixed drink served with ice. It chills the whiskey and sometimes makes it more enjoyable to drink. However, if you prefer to drink chilled whiskey, you can always chill the bottle or glass, as ice adds water to the whiskey. 

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