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k michelle cosmetics surgery
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Plastic surgery and other forms of body enhancement have become more popular. K Michelle cosmetic surgery ordeal is the singer’s way, to tell the truth about the dangers involved. 

The premier of Killer Body with K. Mitchelle sparked a lot of conversation that portrayed her in another light. She also included other people who have issues with their surgery and need help to correct it. For a fact, after getting surgery done, the joy of fixing the supposed imperfection of your body will make it seem like it’s worth it. 

That was the case for K Michelle cosmetic surgery until everything went south. She found out that silicone had spread into her body and affected her walking capacity. It was a shock to see that what got injected to make her look more beautiful affected her overall health. Is the singer now all about helping people with cosmetic surgery-related health risks, or is there more to it? Visit Liposuction Australia for more information on liposuction.

We unpack the truth behind all the procedures Michelle has gone through up until this point. If you don’t know who K Michelle is, let’s talk about her person.


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Who is K Michelle?

Born Kimberly Michelle Pate, she started as a kid who loved music and took classes back in Memphis, Tennessee. At a young age, she could already play the guitar and the piano, and in the long run, she got a scholarship to study music at Florida A&M University. While looking, Kimberly says she had to take a break in 2004 to give birth to her son. After graduating with honors, she got accepted to law school, which she declined and opted to focus on her music. 

Michelle’s music kicked off when she signed her first record deal in 2009 with Jive music. She released her single “Fakin It” that topped the R&B charts, other singles followed suit to cement her in the music industry. However, in 2011, Jive Records folded and dashed her dreams of releasing a music album. 

2012 brought in more incredible things for K, as she got cast for VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. This marked her fame since she gained new fans for her likable character. In the show’s first season, her musical struggles about her relationship and personal life were the focus. Michelle became the breakout star emerging from the front, leading to more success. 

The show attracted top record label Atlantic Records to Kimberly’s talent, and she signed a deal with them. When season two of the show rolled in, it shifted its focus to the recording of her first album, Rebellious Soul, with hit songs like “V.S.O.P.” the success of the album led to a tour, and with this, she announced her departure from the Atlanta cast to Join Love & Hip Hop: New York

She has released three other albums, changed record label, starred in Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, and has another album set to drop in 2022.

K Michelle cosmetic surgery

When K Michelle decided to get a new butt around 2015, she did the next best thing available. Michelle decided to get illegal butt injections. The injections are filled with silicone to add volume to her buttocks. This form K Michelle cosmetic surgery is a less expensive and quicker method to get a bigger butt in the beauty industry

In 2017, her body started to react to the injection, and she suffered from symptoms like migraines, body pains, and general fatigue. From the beginning of the following year, she removed the hydrogel implants from her body. After the first liposuction to extract the silicon, her condition took a wrong turn.

 The silicone only went deeper into her body in the few weeks to come and landed her in the emergency room. As a result, of the turn of events, Michelle had to undergo four more surgeries to stay healthy. On the other hand, we cannot tell how many other surgeries K Michelle has had, but there was a drastic change in her appearance in recent photos. 

When she posted on her Instagram a bare-face photo, there were many comments regarding her looks, especially her lips. Michelle had debunked claims of an accusation flying around saying she got her lip surgically enhanced. The Tv personality says she looks different because of the healthy route she is taking right now.


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Why did K Michelle do cosmetic surgery?

When K started her music career riding on the high of a newly signed record deal, a great butt was the next fitting thing to do. It felt natural for her to get a new butt, stand out, and move forward in her career. She did reveal details of her surgery, and it’s clear she got the job at the black market and possibly an unlicensed doctor. Who is to say? It is possible considering that silicone injection itself is illegal.

As for her plans to go under the knife again, she is still struggling with the idea. The TV personality says she received advice from her doctor to try some reconstructions to keep her body in shape.

How much is K Michelle net worth?

Based on the cosmetics surgery saga surrounding K Michelle, her net worth finds its way to the discussion. The singer dabbles in several things, asides from playing musical instruments; when K Michelle was ranked, she said to be worth about 2.5 million dollars. The wealth she amassed from all the reality shows, movies, and tv appearances she has featured in over the years. In addition to the tv shows, The award-winning singer makes money from her albums, of which she has five under her belt and chart-topping songs. Not talking about her restaurant Puff and Petals, based in Georgia, she can’t complain.

Are plastic surgeries harmful?

In K Michelle’s case, she chose to go with injections to enhance her, one of the most dangerous types of surgery. Government agencies have always deemed it unsafe since the content can spread into other parts of the body. 

When silicone and hydrogel are not in a contained wrap like in butt implants, it seeps into the body. The first stage causes lumps, infection, stroke, and even death. Such procedures become deadly when the unlicensed providers inject blood vessels rather than the body. When the harmful material travel, it can reach the heart, leading to death.


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Instead of going through with this high-risk option, there are better options, including fat transfer and implants

1. Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) 

Also called fat transfer, it’s a procedure that involves grafting fat from other areas of your body to transfer to your buttocks surgically. When the correct amount gets added, it creates a lifting effect. There is, however, a health risk attached to this procedure, but it becomes avoided when you follow the correct process. 

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2. Liposuction

 Liposuction on the butt involves the removal of excess fat from the butt. This will enable the doctor to rework the butt to give it a great shape. It is used to contour the buttocks to the desired body, usually done on the stomach. Visit Liposuction Australia for more information on liposuction.

3. Silicone Implants

Silicone implants have become an item favored for breast augmentation surgeries. Suppose you didn’t know; you can successfully use them to enhance the buttocks as well. An incision is made on the butt cheeks like the breast for the procedure, where the implants are inserted. This increases the volume of your butt instantly. 

4. Filler injections

If injections are still your choice, it is recommended to go for dermal filler injection. While they are safer, they only add volume to the buttocks quickly. To keep it up, you will have to schedule yearly top-ups to keep the buttocks in shape. Not unless you want to go with Sculptra, a filler that boosts collagen production. It got, however, approved for use on the face, but with an experienced plastic surgeon, you can safely use it on your butt.

Based on K Michelle cosmetic surgery, she has also clarified that her show or experience is not against the cosmetics surgery industry. There are many risks involved in cosmetic surgery, and K wants you to know them before deciding to do anything on your body.


No one should have an opinion on your life and body because it’s solely yours. Deciding to do any surgery on your body should only be approached with caution. Carry out extensive research and consider your health history before lying for any cosmetic surgery. 

After undergoing several surgeries to fix the bad, K Michelle has accepted that her body may not entirely rid the silicone, and she only plans to live healthy onwards. However, she still goes through the internal struggle of going under the knife to fix some parts of her body. The truth is surgery becomes addictive quickly since you will most likely see a fault to fix.

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