Human Hair Wigs Vs. Synthetic Hair Wigs: Are Human Hair Wigs Better Than Synthetic Wigs?

Human hair wigs vs. synthetic hair wigs
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It is the ultimate battle between wigs, and you are invited to view this fight titled human hair wigs vs. synthetic hair wigs. While some might argue it is not a worthy battle since human hair wigs are superior to synthetic, I think we should explore it together.

If you are on the verge of buying a new wig or feel like exploring the world of wigs a little bit more, then you must read this post. Take it from me, a black woman who has always worn wigs. I know my wigs and learn new things about them every time.

When caught with the dilemma of choosing which type of wig you should buy, there are many things to consider. It helps to know what qualities you need your wig to have before you shop. What’s the use of buying a wig you don’t love to wear daily?

Coming up, I will be dishing out all the details I have gathered about wigs and some things you might miss. So, in the end, it is left for you to decide if human hair wigs are better than synthetic wigs.

What are Human Hair Wigs?

Human hair comes from hair donors; it is that important and taken to the wig factory where they process them. The human hair wigs commercialized are usually from Asia, and with the texture, you can tell which country it comes from. Indonesia hair is the most common to find since they dominate the market and is an even cheaper option.

They come in various wig types and are more accessible to style. Hair from a Chinese donor has a thick fineness that makes them look straight and hard to curl. Indian hair is also in top demand for its unique texture. Recently a contender in the market space is European hair, and its delicate texture has a sleek appearance. Not saying all human hair wigs are not sleek.

The technique used in processing the hair determines the quality of the hair. The processing involves washing, sanitizing, and stripping the raw donor hairs. This allows the hair to take shape, get sewn into wigs, colored, and create different curl variants. All these steps involve chemicals and machines, and when more time is spent curating the hair, it becomes expensive.

A great example is the Remy variant of human hair, considered premium luxury. They come manufactured with all the hair follicles going in the same direction. Such hair requires more time for careful sorting to achieve that quality of hair. This makes the hair luxe and not likely to tangle easily. They don’t come cheap, and you must avoid highly low-priced Remy hair that may be mediocre.

Nadula Lace Front Human Hair Wigs With Baby Hair Body Wave Body Wave
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So, why choose human hair wigs

Human hair quality is unmatched and cannot be replicated, just like all-natural occurring things. You are sure to get a great texture and can try variations until you style perfectly. One human hair brand I have been sampling is the Nadula T part lace wig which is among the various premium wig types a girl could ask for.

On Nadula hair, the brand source for only the best quality of Remy hair is tested and trusted. However, you must apply the right products and style to achieve your desired look. It requires effort from you to look its best, as they lack beauty when neglected.

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What are Synthetic Hair Wigs?

Synthetic hair comes from a high-power formulation with rubber, polymers, and other items to create hair strands. It involves a threading process to mimic human hair as best possible. The synthetic hairs of old had an annoying shine that gave you away whenever you wore them. That is a thing of the past, as technological advancement has improved the synthetic hair industry.

More refined textures of synthetic hairs are readily available and can be so soft they look like natural hair until you touch them. They can pass up as natural hair if you don’t know much about hair fibers. So, whenever you buy fur, it’s better to buy from a trusted vendor or look carefully at the strands to spot a faker. One thing that is still familiar with them is that you can hardly change the factory-made style.

That’s because the type has a permanent set that can retain that shape for a time, usually six months maximum. The heat-friendly synthetic hair that you can change their style last for a lesser time; because of all the styling, they will only last about three months.

Best Synthetic hair Wigs
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Human Hair Wigs vs. Synthetic Hair Wigs: Differences

Human hair wigs come from humans, like the name suggests, and are soft and move like your natural hair. You can find a human texture that matches your own with a little search. This makes them expensive because of their durability, which is one of the few disadvantages of human hair wigs.

You usually have an assurance for it to last for three years, but with proper care, you can extend it. Shopping for human hair wigs is expensive, but it serves the purpose and is worth the money. They sell based on length, so you can always buy a shorter wig to reduce costs.

Sometimes I purchase a wig one at a time to reduce the impact, and I am not alone in this for sure. I am setting my sights on the curly V-part wig from Nadula to update my collection. You can choose other styles you want from their online shop to snatch yours up too.

The regular synthetic wigs cannot withstand heat styling tools. They burn and melt when faced with any form of heat. You cannot find synthetic hair that can match your hair, so if you’re buying due to hair loss, the texture will stand out. It is one of the many disadvantages of synthetic hair.

Nowadays, a new breed of synthetic wigs is available that can take the heat and get manipulated to different styles. They still retain their original, making some people prefer stability. You can get such wigs at an affordable price and own several types to switch styles.

They do not last long, so be ready to burn through the collection in a short time.

Nadula Glueless V Part Kinky Curly Wig Upgrade U Part Human Hair Coily Wig Beginner Friendly Wear and Go | Nadula


Is human hair wig better than a Synthetic wig?

There is no clear answer to the question; just as I swear by human hair wigs ever since I discovered it, I have friends who love some synthetic beauties. I even had to do a post on how to care for your synthetic to show solidarity; you can read all about it here.

Undoubtedly, I was once routing for synthetic wigs all the way, and with my switch to human hair wigs, I discovered a few things. Below are a few things to consider in making the right choice of wig.

The type of fibers: The fibers determine how durable the hair will be. Premium fibers like the Remy human hair are soft and easy to comb. Synthetic fibers are stiff and will most likely stay in the same style. It can make you itch. I have seen people who have experienced this scratchy feeling on the body, especially in the summer. If your body does not react to it, you should enjoy your wig just fine.

Your budget: Human hair wigs are more expensive than their synthetic counterparts but worth it because they last for years. So, how long do human hair wigs last? You can keep rocking it for up to five years depending on the care and hair quality. Most synthetic wigs last only a few months, and with proper care, they can extend to a year. So, if you have money to spare, it is always better to buy durable hair.

Your styling needs: You should be prepared to rock the same style daily with synthetic wigs. They can only stay in the factory-made style until they go wrong. In contrast, human hair wigs allow you to style to your heart’s content. With little skill, you can elevate your look and make people think you are changing your wig weekly. You can even color it to recreate a new look.

Usage: If you need a wig, you can daily without doing much to its texture, then think toward human hair. Synthetic wigs cannot withstand such daily usage and can quickly get damaged. Although human hair wigs have a long-life span, wearing them daily can still stress it. You’d always have two or more wigs to alternate, and overuse can shorten the longevity of the hair. You can hardly see a woman without at least two wigs. I am guilty of that too. However, I don’t suggest wearing the same wig daily for a long time if you can only afford one.


Much has been said about human hair and synthetic wigs, and it is now left for you to decide. Either you want them soft and easy to style human hair, or you like the stiff and lack of styling options with synthetic hair. The bottom line is that any wig you wear should transform and flatter your look.

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