How To Pop Lower Back: Easing Tension In Your Spine Like A Chiropractor

How to pop lower back
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If you feel your body is stiff or can’t move around quickly, you must learn how to pop lower back. When doing this, you can adjust your spine and eliminate the slight discomfort you might be feeling.

It is generally safe to do, but you must do it correctly and take care. Popping the lower back does not have to involve sounds to know that it has worked. When you successfully manipulate your lower back, you should feel relief. Exercise like stretching helps with the process but also requires extra movements.

The right combination of training helps to loosen up the knots. However, you must ensure you do the correct number of exercises on how to pop lower, so you don’t overdo it. That’s because overdoing the movements can put you in more pain in most cases.

Some chiropractors believe it can lead to more severe harm to your spine bone. Read on as we show you a different way to pop your lower back for instant relief.

How to Pop Lower Back Standing?

Cracking the back while standing is the most common way to do it. You can try a variety of exercises to adjust your back without stress.

Rotating Your Spine

This is one of the most straightforward exercises you can do to manipulate your spine. You might already do it subconsciously whenever you feel pain in your lower back. However, you might not be doing right to get the best results. When you stand to stretch your spine, place your hands forward, with your entire leg, including your hips facing forward.

Turn your upper body slowly to the right and move back to the center, using your arms to guide you. Please proceed to the left-hand side next; it should feel like you are stretching your lower spine. Repeat these motions until your back pops or the pain subsides.

How to pop lower back with different methods
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Extend Your Lumbar

When you stand to crack the knot, your hands should rest on the back, on down the back where your butt begins. Here Your fingers must point down to enable the pinky finger to dig into the left and right sides of your spine.

Use your hands to apply pressure as you arch your back. It would be best if you did this after you have attempted to lift your spine upwards. Maintain this position, take a deep breath, and hold for 20 seconds. Move your hand to different spots on your spine, as much further your hands can take you to stretch the whole spine.

Extend Your Back

In a standing position, make one hand into a fist and the other left on its own. Place both hands on your spine’s base and push upward following an upward straight angle. Lean back as you do so to build enough pressure with your hands to pop your lower back. Move your hands to other areas of your spine you feel need to be stretched.

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How to Pop Lower Back Sitting Down?

You can stretch your lower back while sitting down, and several ways you can do this effectively.

Stretch with the Back of the Chair

Find a chair with a firm back, and ensure your shoulders stay slightly on top of the chair. When you can get the chair, then begin your stretch. The goal is to slide your body until your back pops. Your arms must stay on your head to stay in the correct form. So, you can either put your hands out over your head or hold your interlaced fingers at the back of your head.

Try leaning over the chair’s edge to pop the lower to stretch your body. If the first stretch doesn’t work, try going higher before you lean over. A way to know if the stretch is working is by feeling the pressure build in your upper to middle back before it cracks.

Lower Spinal Twist with chair
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Body Twist with Chair

You can twist your body on a chair until you pop your lower back to ease the discomfort in your spine. To do this, get a sturdy chair; your hands will cross on the chair in a way that allows your body to twist and stretch. Stretch your right hand, so it rests on the left side of the chair. If you feel like your hands won’t get that far, you can place the right hand at the edge of the left leg.

Your left hand should be the hook to pull your body weight for the twist. So, hold on to the back of the chair firmly. When both hands get into position, you can twist only your upper body carefully from the left to the right sides. While turning your body, ensure your legs are facing forward.

Body Twist Without Chair

This workout does not require a chair, so you need to sit on the floor to perform the stretch. Most of the force for the stretch comes from how you plant your feet on the floor. The right way requires you to keep your right leg bent so your knee stays upright. Your left leg should go in front of you, so you can cross and position your right leg so the foot stays on the outside of your left knee.

Before stretching, ensure you straighten your spine to get the entire length. Also, plant your right hand on the floor space behind your hips. For your left hand, bend and use the elbow on the outsides of your right knee. To begin the stretch, turn your body so you can overlook your right shoulder. As you do this, try to tighten your arm, to intensify the stretch. It should give you relief in your lower back and entire spine even without making the popping sound.

How to Crack Your Back
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How to Pop Lower Back Lying down?

Cracking your lower back is possible in a lying position; they usually call it supine to depict you are lying on the back. You only need to get into the right place. Below is a lying stretch you can do.

Stretch with a Foam Roller

It would help if you got your foam roller for this exercise. Lie on your back while bending your knees. Place the foam roller in a horizontal position to rest under your shoulders. After that, extend your hands to stay alongside your body. Roll your body upwards and downwards, going over the positioned foam roller.

Your heels should serve as the momentum to carry your body, and it is pressed into the spine. While rolling your body, you can go up to your neck, all the way to your lower back, emphasizing your middle back. It should feel like you are massaging your spine and adjust and arch your spine as you roll.

Foam Roller to pop lower back and Relieve Tightness
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Is it Safe to Pop the Lower Back?

Many people believe that if you feel pain in your spine, it is better to call a chiropractor or get a massage. They think it is better to let the professionals handle it since they train and specialize in it. If you can do it carefully, you should be fine. Otherwise, you will strain your muscles further.

However, if you have an injury or your back is swelling, you shouldn’t pop your back. Also, if the pain you’re feeling is associated with disc issues, you should seek a professional’s help.


You pop your lower back if you can do it properly. While doing the exercise, stop if you feel discomfort, stop the stretch, and try to experiment with other types. Avoid straining your body or forcing your flexibility to enter into different positions. After successfully popping your back, if the pain persists, you should book an appointment with a physical therapist.

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