How to make your own butterfly locs at home

Butterfly locs
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The natural protective hair gang is always coming up with different hairstyles to stay updated. A bohemian style with a messy twist is taking over and we are here for it: butterfly locs.

They are a variant of locs that have wavy distressed details, made with wavy hair such as passion twists. It puts a spin on the smooth wrapped faux locks. The protective hairstyle looks natural, with effortless styling options.

Most styles are short-length and chunky, but you can opt for longer versions. The carefree and shaggy look is easy enough if you have the patience for it. You don’t have to be a pro hairstylist to install your locs, read on to find out how you achieve beautiful results.

The type of hair to use

Get packs (recommended 7-8) of wavy hair with bouncy texture, their waves are used to create the butterfly loops details of the hairstyle. The length of your hair is determined by your natural hair and how long you want the final results to be.

Those with long hair are restricted to longer locs or the folding technique. So, you might want to put these into consideration as you shop for your lock extensions.

Prepare the hair

Asides from washing, conditioning, and prepping your natural hair, you also need to prepare your synthetic extensions. This method helps to reduce the itching that comes with a sensitive scalp. Soak the hair in a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water for a few hours. Rinse out and allow to dry before using.

How are butterfly locs done?

There are several methods of installing butter locs, the methods are dependent on how skillful you are with hair. Even with the most basic approach, you can achieve a beautiful hairstyle.

Wrap and braid

Start by sectioning your hair into small box parts and making braids or twist with them. You can use shine and jam to keep the hair in and to maintain the edges. Take out the required size of the wavy extension, and make it to pieces.

With the help of a crochet needle, secure at the base of the sectioned hair. You can achieve this by placing the extension on the hook and passing it through the hair. Make one side longer than the other, to aid the wrapping.

Take the shorter side, place side by side with the braid then start wrapping the longer side against it with minimal tension. Use a free-flowing wrapping technique to install the locs. This is the beauty of the hairstyle: you do not need controlled precision to wrap it.

While you are wrapping the hair, loosely use your thumb to take out small portions of the hair to create the messy loc pattern. The unspoken rule suggests that after making 3 wraps you use your thumb to take out a little portion of your hair then continue wrapping the hair.

Once you get the desired length or you run out of extensions, make a loop that will form a knot to secure the ends. You can also use nail glue to hold the ends together.

Crochet method

Crochets are an easier and faster option for installing butterfly locs. Get your pre braided locs of desired color and length, then plait your hair into cornrows. After, take a crochet needle, place it on the looped ends, pass it through the base of the cornrow and secure it with the other end of the braid.

The catch is placing the braids in the right amount so you don’t get a bulky and unattractive result. Professionals suggest braiding the back and front hairline in individual braids to give you more versatile styling options.


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Care for your butterfly locs

Now that you have your beautiful locs installed, you will have to care for them so they stay beautiful until you are ready to part ways. Hair mousse can help you catch the strays and ensure the loops are consistent.

Deep cleanse the hair to the roots, and at intervals, maintain a conditioning routine. After washing, you can retwist the locs. Use a suitable twisting cream and perform the wrapping technique to get refreshed all through.


It is advisable to flaunt your locs for only a month to keep your natural tresses healthy. If you can wash them, then do so in order to stretch out the life span of the hairstyle. You require zero maintenance other than adding some shine.

As the locs age and become messier, they look even better. Remember the baby hairs before you step out as they are important for the final result.

Pro tip: oil your scalp to reduce tension on your hair. You should also place mirrors at the front and behind you to give more visibility as you install your locs. Take your time in creating a clean part line for the best results.

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