Evil Eye Jewelry: Meaning & Myths

Evil eyes occurred in the early Paleolithic age. This figure is also found in Muslim, Jewish, Christian cultures and even in the Hindu and Buddhist societies. The evil eye Greek Mattiasma or mal de Ojo Nazar Mauvais Oeil is a curse believed to be imposed by malicious glare, generally against an unwitting individual.

The majority of the cultures believe that evil eyes can result in bad luck, injury or misfortune. Talismans and Mal de Ojo jewels were made to prevent evil eyes. Here, we will learn the meaning and myths of evil eye jewelry for kids.


Meaning of Evil Eye Jewelry

The supposed curse of the evil eye comes from the concept that successful individuals often fall prey to jealous eyes. As per Greek mythology, eyes hold immense power, and those who receive envious evil eye glare can suffer catastrophic bad luck.

People use different means to ward off evil spirits and offer evil eye protection. They make effective use of evil eye bracelets or evil eye necklace to get rid of these spirits. The earliest adaptations of evil eye jewelry were amulets and trinkets that are associated with good protection even now.

Evil Eye Jewelry: Meaning & Myths

Even evil eye necklace gold and evil eye ring are pieces of jewelry associated with complete protection from the jealousy or malice that likely accompanies prosperity. This is why you will find many big names and celebrities adorning some of the most extravagant pieces of evil eye accessories and jewelry.

Or maybe they are drawn to the attractive details of trinkets and amulets. Regardless of what evil eye jewelry means to do, there’s one thing for sure: the evil eye is enormously enticing.

The Symbolic Meaning of Evil Eye Jewelry

Modern evil eye jewelry pieces and accessories are considered signs of prosperity and protection. Even today, these are exclusively worn to protect successful individuals from envious individuals.

But at the same time, celebrities and even the common people these days wear evil eye jewelry as a stylish symbol of protection. The pieces are also gifted to loved ones for their sentimental value.

Evil Eye Jewelry: Meaning & Myths

Evil Eye Jewelry: The Myths

Like all the other superstitious beliefs prevalent worldwide, the evil eye is also a myth. Scientific evidence that supports the envious looks or the excessive praises that can damage an individual’s mental and physical health does not exist. Of course, such activities can have different psychological effects, but that does not prove the existence of any curse.

People in ancient times blamed the evil eye for the bad luck of successful individuals and illnesses without apparent reasons. One of the fascinating things about this myth is that its applications and its meaning have not changed across religions, cultures, and countries.


Many people worldwide believe in the myths associated with evil eye jewelry. Evil eye jewelry is quite popular worldwide, and the meaning and lore associated with this kind of jewelry for so long is not found in other accessories and cultures.

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