Everything you should know before getting an industrial piercing

Everything you should know before getting an industrial piercing

Body modifications have become one of the popular ways through which people express themselves. An Industrial piercing happens to be one of such, mostly because it gives an edgy feel. It also lets you explore as two holes are connected by one piece of jewelry that usually passes through the outer helix to connect with the forward helix.

You may have been seeing it all over your socials and noticing several celebs like Kylie Jenner and Willow Smith rocking theirs. It is not a new trend because it has been around since the ’90s. This article will serve as your ultimate guide before you add an industrial piercing to the lineup of piercings that you have on your ears.

What is an industrial piercing?

Also called scaffolding, construction, or bar piercing, industrial piercing is a term used to describe two pierced spots connected by a single piece of jewelry. The typical industrial piercing goes through two spots on the cartilage with space in between to form a connection.

Industrial piercings are done with a disposable needle, usually a 14 or 16 gauge where the piercer will puncture the first point, inserting the jewelry then use another needle to puncture the second point where the jewelry is transferred into, connecting the two holes.

There are many variations you can get and customize to fit your style, from connecting your inner and upper ear to your outer and upper ear. The one thing that can restrict your choice of jewelry for an industrial piercing is the shape and size of your ears. What you often see on other people may not work for you, so you should consider the right placement and what will work best for your ears before getting the piercing done.

Pain and healing

The pain you are bound to feel is like all other cartilage piercings but it is doubled because you’re puncturing two points. The pinch of the needle should pass once, and you will feel soreness based on the pressure applied to the cartilage. The pain you feel may be minimal or intense due to your pain tolerance.

The healing time is not set but can be estimated between four months to one year. It is unique because you have to heal in the two pierced spots. So you have to be very careful not to do anything to tamper with the ears. Your body helps with the healing coupled with your aftercare routine. If everything is done correctly, your piercing should heal well and in time.

How much does an industrial piercing cost

Generally, you are going to spend money on the piercing service and the jewelry of choice. Add the cost of both to get the total amount you will spend. The service fee varies based on your location, and the body modification salon you choose to use. Rather than only thinking of the cost, you should go for a good quality salon. Do your research, discuss with the piercer before booking a session, and avoid places that use a piercing gun instead of a single-use needle.

Industrial piercing aftercare

Dedication is the watchword here, as getting not one but two holes pierced can be a bit of a challenge to take care of. Clean with a sterile saline solution twice a day. Avoid touching or sleeping on the ears, to prevent harm or bacteria from infecting the piercing. If you’ve done a cartilage piercing before, it is the same aftercare routine, only that they require more time and care, cleaning and watching over because it is double the spot.

Everything you should know before getting an industrial piercing

Side effects

You may develop small bumps around the pierced area due to the irritation caused by the allergies and touching of the jewelry. Some people may find that their body rejects the jewelry and the pierced spot fights to close up. If industrial piercings are not handled with care, they may form a keloid scar which requires surgery to remove in most cases.

A more common occurrence is an infection, where the normal soreness becomes more painful with pus-like discharges. This can be avoided when you take proper care of your piercing.

Choosing jewelry for your piercing

You can choose from a wide assortment of jewelry to make your industrial piercing debut. At the start, you should go with a piece of basic jewelry that will help the piercing heal fast after which you wait for about six months or more to get your first jewelry change. You will need the assistance of the original piercer to do this.

The preferred choice is a barbell, which is a bar of metal with removable beads at both ends. There on, you can choose the thickness, color, curve, and design made from any metal that suits you.


Industrial piercing puts a spin on getting two piercings done at once, but it should not be done on both ears at the same time. Follow the aftercare instructions given by the piercer. Wait out the healing process, and your new piercing addition will be turning heads as you style it.

This piercing option is now becoming a staple, so if you feel you have a well-defined ear ridge, have a discussion with a piercer to see what works best for you. It looks stunning on all genders so there’s nothing stopping you from getting it done.

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