Everything you should know before getting a stick and poke tattoo

Everything you should know before getting a stick and poke tattoo

Getting a stick and poke tattoo is one of the many ways that you can beautify your skin these days. Although this procedure has been available for a while, it only recently exploded in popularity. These tattoos are called DIY tattoos because of how they are drawn.

Depending on the skill level of your piercer, you can go from a small, dot-like tattoo to a more complex design. Many people think that because of how this kind of tattoo is performed, that it can somehow be unsafe, but this is false. The most important thing is to sterilize all your equipment so that you have nothing to worry about.

This article will answer all your questions about the stick and poke tattoo in order to help you make up your mind about whether or not this is something that you want on your body. But first, what exactly are stick and poke tattoos?

What is a stick and poke tattoo?

Unlike the regular tattoos that you’re familiar with, stick and poke tattoos are done without using any electricity. Instead, they are done with a tiny needle and some ink.

A needle is attached to a rod-like contraption, dipped in ink, and then used to draw a tattoo on your body, dot by dot. You should realize by now that if you’re using this method for a complex tattoo, then your piercer needs to be well-versed in this kind of tattoo-ing or it’ll take a long time.

This kind of tattooing dates back to the 1970s when using a needle and India ink to get a tattoo was the norm. However, tattooing as a whole started as far back as ancient Egypt, and mummies were found to have intricate tattoos.

The most important part of getting a stick and poke tattoo is to ensure that no matter who is drawing it — a professional artist or your friend — they properly disinfect their tools so that you are at less risk of getting an infection. Under no circumstances should you use a sewing needle to draw your tattoo, find the right tools.

Why is it so popular?

The stick and poke tattoos are popular for so many reasons, one of them being how personal the tattoo is because every poke is felt. Although this method takes so much longer than an electric tattoo, it is also favored because it is so much cheaper to buy the tools online and get it than to pay hundreds of dollars at a tattoo shop.

There is also the sense of being a part of the underground, punk movement by getting this tattoo, which makes people feel like part of a community. Of course, you may have your own reason for getting it, but the popularity of this kind of tattoo seems to be increasing.

Does the stick and poke tattoo hurt?

You may think that this kind of tattoo will hurt so badly that you might not be able to take it, simply because it involves a small needle poking into your skin over a very long period. However, the truth is that just like any other kind of tattoo, this procedure hurts differently for everyone depending on your pain threshold.

Some people have said that it hurts more than a machine-done tattoo, while others swear by the stick and poke method. Either way, you won’t really know until you’ve tried it. Thankfully, tattooing is nothing life-threatening. If you find that you can no longer handle the pain, don’t hesitate to tell the tattoo artist to stop.

How long does it last?

Stick and poke tattoos last as long as machine-done tattoos do. There are a few factors involved in this, though. The basic science of tattoos is that ink is pushed so deeply into your skin that it forms a pattern which is otherwise known as your beautiful tattoo.

Everything you should know before getting a stick and poke tattoo

However, if the ink is pushed too deeply, it will come back out and all the lines will blur out, giving you an ugly tattoo. If the ink is not pushed deeply enough, then the tattoo won’t stay at all. To ensure the longevity of your tattoo, ensure that you have it done by someone who knows what they are doing.


The aftercare for a stick and poke tattoo is the same as that of a machine-done drawing. It is most likely that the artist will cover up your fresh tattoo with a wrap once she’s done with it. If they don’t, then do the job yourself. Cover up your tattoo and leave it covered for at least two hours after it’s finished.

Your tattoo should take about two weeks to heal. For the duration of that period, ensure that you don’t soak it in water, and keep it covered when you’re in the sun. Also, you should wash it twice a day and moisturize it with a tattoo-friendly lotion.


Tattoos are a great method of self-expression for those who love them. Stick and poke tattoos are just one way of getting these beautiful designs on your body. Depending on how you choose to get a tattoo, ensure that you get it done at the right place, do some research before, and take good care of it so that you don’t have any regrets.