Everything you need to know before getting blackout tattoo

blackout tattoo design on the arm
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The blackout tattoo trend was made popular by the tattoo artist Chester Lee and has been gaining widespread attention all over social media.

The blank and dark design is flattering to some people, while for others, it is a good option to cover up bad tattoo choices that were made in the past rather than getting them laser removed.

Tattoo designs can come in different styles and colors; a large piece of solid black is a bold piece that will draw attention. So, before you choose to a get a blank tattoo filled in black, get all the information you will need about this unique tattoo type right here.

Why is it called a blackout tattoo?

A tattoo is called a blackout when a broad section is covered with solid black ink. This means the skin is inked with black and nothing else. No designs or colors are needed for this tattoo style. The selected area is filled with an even saturation of dark ink.

This is usually done on the arms and legs, as their cover-up skills are amazing. Asides from that, they are a tattoo design on their own, which you can use to adorn any part of your body.

It does not have to be all black, as they can be used as the fore or background in other tattoos for extra detailing.


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Pain and healing time

A tattoo process is painful, and blackouts can be more painful due to the large area you are hoping to fill up. This is because more time will be required for the procedure.

As the tattoo artist tries to achieve the right black pigment, they will need to apply multiple rounds of ink, using several needles. You are bound to feel pain with each shading.

The healing process is the same as every other tattoo; it takes about 2 weeks for you to get comfortable with the tattoo. It might take months to get completely healed skin.

How expensive is a blackout tattoo?

Since a large area will be tattooed, rather than a specific design, the price range is different. The process is time-consuming, so the tattoo artist may charge an hourly rate. This service rate can start from $150-$300 depending on the studio and location.

The part you choose to get inked will determine the time the artist will spend on it. A large piece can take up to 6 hours and a couple of sessions to complete, so this should give you a rough estimate of the cost.


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After getting the new tattoo, you will have to take care of the skin to aid full healing. You will do the same routine as for any other tattoo but might require more care since your skin will be saturated with ink.

  • Clean the area at least twice a day with an antibacterial soap. Leave it to air dry, or pat dry with a clean paper towel.
  • Apply a recommended ointment or lotion. Do not pick on the scabs that form on the tattooed skin as this will slow down the healing process.
  • Protect the area from unclean water that might introduce bacteria to the tattoo. Intense sunlight exposure is also not recommended for a new tattoo.

Repeat the care process till you are fully healed to avoid any complications.

Side effects

Dermatologists have expressed their concerns about the large amount of ink used to achieve the blackout design. This is because the concentrated ink may seep into the lymph nodes, block the skin from getting vitamin D, and poses a higher risk of cancer.

Blackout tattoos may itch more than other pieces since a broad area is being covered with concentrated ink over a spot. Other side effects can range from redness, raised skin tissue, infection, and the likes.


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Is the blackout tattoo trend for me?

If you want a tattoo where you get to see your skin underneath, then you may not like this design. People with skin issues are advised to away from it because it will be hard to diagnose conditions of the skin when they are covered with solid ink.

Others believe it has links to cultural appropriation and institutional racism. People of color may frown at this form of the tattoo when done by a white person, due to the discrimination associated with being black.

A bright outlook is the fact that it seems as though most people are less allergic to black color. Also, when it comes to tattoo removal, the color is easier to remove.


A blackout tattoo is a unique type of tattoo that covers a chunk of the skin in black ink. A perfect blackout is executed with evenly distributed color on a selected area.

They are painful but people are obsessed with them nonetheless. If you do decide to take a plunge into the dark, find a reputable tattoo studio to get it done. Be ready to commit to the aftercare, so you can show off your unique design in style.

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