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What if you could get permanently curled and defined lashes? Eyelash perm might be just the solution you need.

If you desire to define your lashes, the first thought will be the use of mascaras and gels. They look great for the better part of the day since they wash off after taking a bath. The perfect eye speaks volumes for a striking appearance, even without makeup. It’s no surprise that people are turning to eyelash perm to rescue their overall looks.

Not saying they last a lifetime, but you get to enjoy boosted lashes for a short, sweet period. While it makes you look good, it does not come without its fair share of risks. It involves a bit of a chemical process, but it is no reason to fret. If you wish to know whether opting for an eyelash perm will suit you, read on to find everything you need to know.

What is an eyelash perm?

Eyelash perm focuses on lifting the base of the lashes; this allows curls to set in using chemicals. It follows almost the same process as typical hair perming. Once the substances get placed on your lash, you’re on a timer because it actively breaks down the hair bonds to make it softer. Since the texture has become tampered with, the lash can be molded and curled as desired. It usually takes about 45 minutes to an hour to get it done.

Eyelash perms cost anywhere between $50 to $70, usually below $100. Depending on your location and salon of choice, you can find lower or higher prices. Trust us; the perm results will be enough to convince you to give it a try.

If getting your lash permed sounds like you, then you need to begin with searching for a professional beautician. This should be preferably one that focuses on lash perming; go in for a consultation, so you table any reservations. You should ask the right questions and be sure you both are on the same page. You cannot skip this stage because of the delicate nature of the procedure.

How does lash perming work?

When you’ve decided on the technician, you can ask them to do a patch test before you begin. It’s a simple process that helps gauge if your skin might react to the formula and check for possible allergies. Then, you can start by first ensuring your face is clear of any stitch of makeup. You might also get asked to wipe your eye area, to be double sure it’s clean, off any substances that can interfere with the process.

Next, the Beauty technician will place you comfortably, either lying flat on the bed or on a comfy chair with a headrest. The goal here is to have you still, with your face staying upright for the duration. The beautician will begin the process by applying a gentle glue-like substance to protect your skin from the chemical solution used for perming.

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To enhance the results of lash curls visible after the procedure, the technician places a roller rod close to the lash line. Depending on how curled your lashes look, the rod can be smaller. After which, the solution becomes layered on your lashes. You wait for 15 minutes to work its magic; the hair becomes softer and weakened. The technician goes to work, wrapping your lash around the curling rod.

When done curling the hairs, a thin film, an eye mask, becomes used to intensify the effect of the chemicals. After 15 minutes, an activator gets applied to the eyes as a second solution to build up the weakened lashes. You wait another 15 minutes to allow the curl pattern to set in. Once the time elapses, your eyes will become wiped clean, and the lashes get separated with a coat of conditioner to keep the lash hydrated.

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Aftercare for eyelash perm

On the first day after getting an eyelash perm, aftercare steps must be your top priority for the best results. A good beautician should leave you with the following care tips.

  • To enhance the effects of your new lashes, you should apply mascaras only after you receive the clear to do so. You will need to wait 24-48 hours after the procedure to use any makeup product, including mascaras.
  • After leaving the beauty salon, within the next 24 hours, your lashes must not get wet. This means you need to avoid swimming pools, steam rooms, sweating, and bathing.
  • Also, you need to suspend any other facial beauty treatments you have planned, especially if they require close contact with your eyes.
  • When sleeping, lie carefully, so your face and lashes do not press into your pillow. For this, sleeping face-up and sideways becomes the best position.
  • Apply a deep conditioning product regularly to avoid your lash getting dry and brittle.

How long does an eyelash perm last?

Lash perms usually have a life span of 6-8 weeks, and this means you can avoid using lash extensions for the period. You can even rock your perms for up to 3 months if it still looks great. The truth is your friend’s perm may last longer than your own. It doesn’t mean anything serious. Everyone varies, and so does their hair growth cycle. When the hair regrows, the effect of your lash perm wears off. If you notice it wearing off, you can always go in for a retouch to maintain the standard.

Benefits of getting an eyelash perm

Only a few get blessed with naturally full and sleek-looking lashes; even then, you will need to apply products to make them look chic. When you use such products, the apparent disadvantage, you must commit and if you go out every day, it gets included in your daily routine. And there is no guarantee you will get the same results every time since mascaras do not always cooperate.

Eyelash perms save you time when you skip the daily hassle of fussing around your lashes. That’s not all, you can skip mascara and other artificial lash definers for the sleek results it leaves behind. It instantly curls them with an excellent lift if you have straight lashes.

Can eyelash perm affect my natural lashes?

Under certain circumstances, eyelash prem can be risky, which leads to loss of natural lash hairs or more severe conditions. Before opting for the procedure, you should note that chemicals will get placed on your lash line if they get left on for too long, break down the hair texture, and automatically damage the strands.

You may also notice the hair falling out and thinning over time due to frequent eyelash perming. Often, the procedure does not interfere with your natural lash growth cycle, as the sign of new hair indicates the perm is wearing off. One way to prevent your perming procedure from affecting your lashes starts by going for an experienced beautician to get it done. Another way to protect your natural beauty is by reducing the frequency of getting an eyelash perm.

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How to safely have an eyelash perm at home

The red signs surrounding this idea exceed the advantages, which means it is not a good idea. Like you already know, your eyes must become closed for a successful eyelash perm. So, that the chemical can get deposited on your lash line. How would you manage to do so with shut eyes? Suppose you convince a friend to assist your grand idea. They will not be careful when applying the solution as expected since your friend is not a professional beauty technician.

If you still choose to DIY an eyelash perm, best be ready for the potential fails. When you get into a perm gone bad situation, the solution comes down to sitting tight for your natural lashes to grow out. And that’s even the least of harm you could cause yourself. For instance, the chemical gets into your eyes, and it instantly irritates the eyes, which in turn means burning of your eyelids, and damaging the eyeballs.

You might get lucky and end up with milder side effects such as allergic reactions and swelling around your eyes. In any case, this turn is not a pretty sight to behold. It is best not to attempt a lash perm at home, just stick to the lash extensions.


Getting an eyelash perm is like going for a semi-permanent lash enhancement procedure. This means you can ditch eyelash extensions and other products you apply to define your lashes. It leverages on your natural lash, for the procedure and the results become essentially your lashes living their best life. As cool as this sounds, getting them involves applying chemical lash hairs for some minutes.

If this doesn’t sit well with you, stick with lash curling products and mascaras. They both give almost the same results as a perm would only temporarily. There is also less visibility of your lashes to consider if you have short natural lashes. However, if the benefits of a lash perm sound appealing to you, go for it and have your lashes looking the bomb.

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