Bump In Ear: What Is It And How To Get Rid Of Bump In Ear

Bump in ear
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A boil or a pimple causes a bump in ear; both can be painful and cause lots of discomfort. Regardless of your skincare routine, sometimes these bumps can creep up on you. When you notice any lump, you should get a diagnosis to determine if it’s a boil or a pimple. It is hard to differentiate between a boil or pimple, so you need someone else to check it out. There is no need to fret, as you can say goodbye to them in no time. 

Is the bump in the ear a boil?

Now that you have noticed a bump in your ear, if you are curious to know if it is a boil, then you must inspect it. Boils have a reddish appearance but feel hard to touch since they form lumps in the skin. It is usually large, with center looing yellow or white, like it ready to pop, especially after a few days. 

Boils form in places with hair that sweats. The ear is capable of both since it has its brand of hair, surprising, right? Well, it is not a brand but a cluster of hair that lines your earwax, preventing dirt from reaching the most sensitive part of the ear eardrum. 

If your hand can get to the big bump, you can try pressing it; a boil might feel somewhat flexible because it contains fluid. Abscesses are painful, and the pain can extend to your jaw and head area. In worst cases, you might have difficulty hearing if the boil is located in your ear canal. 

 Boil/bump in ear
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Is the bump in the ear a pimple?

Pimples, also called zits, blackheads, and whiteheads, can sometimes pop up anywhere in your body. Depending on your position and pain threshold, spots in the ear can cause mild to severe pain. They place in the ear they can occur, including inside the ear canal, behind, and outside the ears. 

When left on their own, pimples tend to reduce on their own. The ear is a sensitive and vital part of the body, so popping a bump in ear you feel it’s a pimple shouldn’t be your first thought. In the process of popping a pimple, you release the bacteria contained in the pus into the skin.

This could further lead to more swelling, bumps, and an infection. You can expect severe conditions like a fever with an infection of the pimples. Also, popping pimples can cause scars and even unattractive blemishes on your ear. 

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What causes a bump in ear boils?

Boils form because bacteria rankle under your skin close to one or more hair follicles. It is a regular occurrence, but bumps are caused mainly by bacteria of the staphylococcus species. Sometimes, a fungus might cause the boil, which is why it is good to have a diagnosis.

This usually starts with an infection of one hair follicle. Then pus, coupled with dead skin tissues, gathers underneath the skin, eventually pushing up to the surface. It shows up as a bump in the ear, which is visible.

Since sweat is a catalyst for your hair follicles to get infected and form a boil, you can spot it in places like the buttocks, armpit, and facial area. 

What causes a bump in ear pimples?

Pimples results from clogged pores. These pores can become clogged with sebum (the natural oils secreted by the skin to maintain its moisture) and dead skin cells (The skin sheds cells every other week). The ears and surroundings, both the inner and outer areas, have cells and pores that produce oils and hair.

These are the two prominent cheerleaders of inflammation that can be boils or pimples. So, you become prone to pimples when the skin is often left dirty without exfoliation. The ear is a sense organ makes it hard for you to remember to keep it clean based on how sensitive it is.

On the other hand, bacteria might be the culprit responsible for causing the pimple. That’s because when bacteria encounter your ear, it might lead to pimples or an infection. Furthermore, if your ears produce excess sebum, or you are always in a dirty environment, you will most likely deal with pimples.

For some people, hormonal imbalance, or stress levels, gives them spots. Bad hygiene generally causes pimples, and it could include using a dirty earbud to share that said dirty earbud or headphones. However, one of the most common causes of a bump in ear, like a pimple, is a dirty piercing and jewelry.

Other times, your ear might just be reacting to your beauty product that has found its way to the ear canal. So, your pimples could be because of different things, and a Board-Certified dermatologist is the best place to examine and treat them since it is a skin issue. 

Pimple/ bump In Ear: How To Prevent And Treat Ear Acne
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How to get rid of bump in ear boil?

Your first thought is whenever you get a boil, but doing the opposite is best for the bump. That’s because when you puncture a boil, it will most likely spread the bacteria it naturally contains to your skin. This can cause more bumps. 

Allowing your boils to stay on their own can be suitable for some, as they heal without medication. However, if you must pop your boil, ensure you do it with clean hands and drain it out completely. After which, you should clean the surrounding. To help with swelling, apply a warm compress at intervals all day. 

Avoid pressing the boil; after the first time, the bump should reduce as the days go by. If the pain and the boil persist after two weeks, you need to see a doctor. The boil might have become infected and can lead to fever; your doctor will prescribe antibiotics. 

They can also perform minor surgery to extract the content of the boil. An easy way to prevent bumps in the ear boil is by washing your ears and surrounding area while bathing. 

How to get rid of bump in ear-Pimple?

You cannot treat a pimple in the ear like any other one because the ear is a sensitive spot. Instead of popping it outright, you can use a warm compress to force the pus to the top. The warm compress can also help with the inflammation. When you can drain out the pus, clean your ear thoroughly. 

You can wash with a gentle soap or use cleanser wipes with alcohol/hydrogen peroxide. Also, witch hazel is a very effective cleanser that will leave your ear squeaky clean to prevent further infections—in addition, applying antibiotic creams like Nesoprin and beauty products containing salicylic acid.

If the pimple is causing you severe pain, you might be prescribed pain medications like Advil and ibuprofen. Topical creams, like tretinoin, might be prescribed when the pimples are severe. When bacteria cause pimples, it is now acne, and you will need medications like minocycline and doxycycline. Note that these treatments might not work since acne has developed a resistance to these drugs. 

Prevention of bumps in ear-pimples

Good ear and skin hygiene is the best way to keep pimples at bay. You will need to wash your ears regularly to reduce the sebum and dead skin cells from clogging your pores. It also requires lifestyle changes like avoiding foreign objects from getting into your ear.

Giving your earbuds regular cleaning can reduce pimples breakouts. Also, a balanced cleanser can help reduce pimple occurrence in the ear. Sometimes your pimple prevention strategy might not work quickly, so that you might need some patience. You should remember that dirt must be far from your ears if you plan to keep it bump-free. 

Other bumps in ear that can resemble pimples

Several other conditions causes bump in the ears, you might notice them, but when you do, you should get a proper diagnosis.

Keloid scars: A minor injury like piercing triggers the formation of keloid scars. They are scar tissue that raises the skin to form bumps. It makes the tissue around the wound large than it should be. The cause of keloid scars remains unclear, but it’s dysfunction with wound healing. Excess production of the collagen responsible for healing an injury usually forms a keloid scar. You can only prevent keloid scars by properly caring for your wound and applying ointment. 

Acanthoma fissuratum: It is an occasional bump in the ear; it’s a skin condition with raised edges. It is peculiar to people who wear glasses a lot. The pressure from the glasses forces the skin to thicken and form bumps.

Sebaceous cysts: When the skin produces excess sebum, it becomes a problem. They stay trapped under the skin and grow slowly or do not grow at all. Sebaceous cysts are harmless and can appear in the ear, back, scalp and groin. It can be formed from acne with a ruptured follicle or a sebaceous gland that grows irregularly. These bumps reduce on their own, but if it becomes infected, you must puncture and drain them. After which, antibiotic treatment or even surgery can become prescribed. 

Sebaceous cyst: Removal, infections, and treatment
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Basal cell carcinoma: On rare occasions, malignant growths could cause a bump in the ear. It is a form of skin cancer triggered by the basal cells, which are naturally responsible for producing new skin cells. This makes your face and other exposed skin parts exposed to UV rays prone to basal cell carcinoma. You can reduce your skin from getting this bump by avoiding direct sun exposure and wearing sunscreen. 

Seborrheic Keratosis: Overall, seborrheic keratosis is a harmless form of skin growth that appears like bumps. They make the affected brownish, and the spots have a slight rise. It is harmless and can go on its own. Seborrheic keratosis is usually not contagious, but it is typically hereditary and might not show up until you reach your 50s.

Epidermoid cyst: It is a minute bump that grows beneath the skin. This type of cyst often gets confused with sebaceous cyst since it has the same appearance. It is generally harmless, but you must see a doctor if it overgrows or becomes infected. 


You should always seek medical attention when you notice a bump in the ear. As we have discussed, the bump can be because of different things. The treatment suggested in the post is only a suggestion. It would help if you always went in for a proper diagnosis to ensure what you are dealing with. 

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