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Sunglasses are a style accessory that elevates outfits asides from their normal job of protecting the eyes from UV rays and other external conditions. However, finding the right kind of sunglasses for your face can be a challenge. This is why more people are tilting towards rectangular sunglasses because they are shaped nicely and are neither too large nor too small.

They can be spotted everywhere right now, even on runways. The silhouette subtly grabs attention with the wide array of designs, colors, and textures available. If you’re thinking of joining in on the rectangular nineties-inspired sunglasses trend, but are not sure which will be right for your face, it is safe to say you have come to the right place.

This article will share a rectangular sunglass design for every kind of face shape so you can join in on this trend ASAP.

The best rectangular sunglasses for your face

The social space might give you an eyeful of different rectangular specs as everyone seems to be wearing a pair, but it cannot tell the right ones for you. Because so many celebrities are rocking a chic pair of these glass shapes, you can draw inspiration from them if you are sure you have the same face shape.

The basic shapes of the face are well known, but let’s do a recap of them: round, square, heart, oval, diamond, and yes rectangular. Your face can also be a combination of different shapes so finding the right sunglasses for you might not be straightforward.

1. Angular glasses

These are sunglasses that have sharp edges but they can be a bit edgy for some people. These glasses will probably look funny on those with the rectangular face shape as there will be a case of clashing angles, so you might want to avoid those.

Angular sunglasses may also look strange on a square face because the face shape has straight sides. Oval and heart-shaped faces can safely rock such a pair of glasses without fretting. Shop the look here.

2. Chunky rectangular sunglasses

Chunky frames are chic and fit with the baggy look everyone is trying to achieve. They flatter those with an oval-shaped face better than others. People with such face shape have a curved chin and a vertically balanced face, which allows the glasses to enhance their features.

Those with heart and diamond-shaped faces can also rock these beauties because it is easy for anything to frame their face. Shop it here.


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3. Round edge rectangular glasses

Rectangular glasses with a rounded edge favor those with angled face shapes like squares and rectangles. This is because the softened edge of the glasses pairs well with these types of faces. Other face shapes can also wear these — they’re just that gorgeous. They are also so chic; wearing them with a simple outfit will help the look come alive. Get it here.


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4. Slim rectangular sunglasses

Slim rectangular sunglasses are also beautiful. Round-shaped faces can use this sunglass shape in their continued search for accessories that frame their face, to help it appear slimmer. These glasses just pair so well with soft angles and a round chin. They are not just a fashion aesthetic, but a tool in their own right. Shop the glasses here.

The color choice of glasses

The vast assortment of colors these glasses are made in can be a bit confusing, especially if you are trying to balance it out by shapes and structure. A tip is to always go for a color that will normally suit you, but you can always try something different if you are bold enough. Take your time in such a search so you don’t look out of place when you decide to rock your sunnies.


Rectangular sunglasses are a wider, sharp-angled glass type. Coupled with a structured build, they are fun to style with any outfit as they can upgrade your look to posh, yet laid back. These glasses are usually made from acetate plastic which is lightweight.

Although they are more suited for round and heart-shaped faces because of their softer features, they flatter most face shapes when you wear the right ones. As you search for the right pair, you can also get inspired by celebs such as Kendall Jenner, Dua Lipa, and the likes.

Remember that everyone’s face is unique and you will probably not get the right glasses on the first go, but finding the best-suited pairs for your face brings pure joy. Experiment with a few designs and colors as there are no set rules, only guidelines to help you join the nineties sunglasses trend revival with a bang.

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