7 Best Jacquemus Bags, The Trendy Mini Bags We Are Here For

7 Best Jacquemus Bags, the trendy mini bag we are here for
7 Best Jacquemus Bags, the trendy mini bag we are here for

The Jacquemus bags are a relatively recent introduction to the world of fashion, but their widespread popularity is not slowing down. The modern bag design and sizing are slowly becoming a household name by proving its staying power as a trendy addition; everyone wants to add to their accessories.

Since its launch in 2019, the brand has consistently given us something to look up to. The Le Chiquito seems to be the most popular among all the bags, as it debuted when we were all in a mini purse frenzy. Since then, the bag has been spotted on celebs like Kim Kardashian, Dua Lipa, and fashion influencers such as Emily Ratajkowski. So, the video of Lizzo bringing out some unexpected items from the little bag, however hilarious it was, only fueled the trend.

Designer bags are always a worthy investment, and if you fancy the Jacquemes bag, then you have come to the right place. We share all the info you will need to join the minimalistic bag trend.


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The Introduction of Jacquemus bags as we know it

Simon Porte founded the Jacuquemus brand in France and launched it when he was only 19 in 2009. But it wasn’t until 2018, when he debuted his La Bomba Spring/Summer collection, that he rose to the limelight. It showcased mini dresses, bags, and other trendy pieces that caught the attention of fashion enthusiasts.

As the collection spread to the mainstream, the more it became an “It Bag.” Le Chiquito came in as part of the Fall/Winter collection 2019 and followed with a smaller one, the Le Chiquita, which is only 2inches takes minute accessories to the extreme. By then, it was apparent the Jacquemus bags were not going anywhere soon.

What are Jacquemus bags made with?

Jaquemus bags are produced with the finest vegetable tanned leather to get distinct natural variations in the shade. The bags are made in Italy or Spain, as they are the best producers of premium full-grain leather. A team of experts checks the leather before manufacturers use it to ensure it is of the best quality.

Then the leather is handcrafted by skilled artisans to create the bag structure. To Make the beautiful mini bags everyone wants before adding other details to the bag. Below are some of the brands’ bag collections.

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 1. Le Chiquito 

The variety of the Le Chiquito mini leather bag embellished with the golden JACQUEMUS logo is a work of art. The portable size conceals the width and depth of the pack. The depth, combined with its width, makes an iPhone and a few other things fit nicely into sizes from the Le Chiquito Noeud Jacquemus bag.

le chiquito jacquemus bag

The bag is unique for its twist-able handle to carry it at both shoulder and top-hand length. It also comes with a removable shoulder strap to carry the bag in more ways. There are six bags under the Le Chiquito tag in various colors.

2. Le Bambino

Le Bambino, which translates to “The little child,” is another smart option from the Jacquemus brand. The bag comes in three sizes (mini, micro, and large), with the micro fitting only lipstick and cards in the inner side pocket. In comparison, the other sizes hold a phone, keys, and a few things. It comes with straps to wear as a cross-body bag.

le bambino bag

For details, the micro size has a chunky letter J plaque, while others have the Jacquemus spelled out. The circular top handle makes this bag is an attractive option for your styling needs.

3. Le Pitchou

Jacquemus subtly made the neck bags trendy again by introducing the Le Pitchou. The bag is round in shape, with adjustable straps around the neck. It serves as more than just a bag, as it is a neckpiece. Sizing only 11×11 cm, with the straps reaching 46cm, it is for carrying coins and cards around, exploring, and living in the moment without the weight of anything else.

the le pitchou jacquemus bag

4. Le Riviera

The La Riviera is a shoulder bag with which you can easily accessorize many outfits. It is distinct for the crocodile effects on the leather, the flap that folds over, and its vibrant color ranges. La Riviera is sized decently to fit your phone, sanitizer, and mini essentials. So, you take the bag comfortably to any outing.


5. La Banane

This flat bum bag, shaped distinctly to look like a banana, can be worn by all sexes. The similarity to a fanny pack makes it possible to be worn around the waist or diagonally across the body. It also features adjustable elastic straps with a buckle, a back patch pocket, and an embossed Jacquemus silicone logo. The bag is 9cmx25cmx6cm in size, enough to contain the essentials for a casual outing.

the le banane yelo bag

6. Le Ceinture Bello

You can easily forget wearing a bag with Ceinture Bello, as the small belt bag blends in and elevates an outfit. The design has a fold-over detail that makes it resemble an envelope. It looks like an updated utility bag and a trendy streetwear piece from another angle.

le centurie bello

7. La Panier Soleil

Jacquemus showed their skill in making bags in this straw number that can be tagged as a summer staple. The pairing of the vibrant pink/ yellow leather with cool straws calls for attention. It is the perfect size for going to the beach, as it will hold all the essentials, such as sunscreen, sunglasses, a change of cloth out of your swimwear, and the likes. They upped their sizes with finesse for a brand known for its small bags.

le panier soleil

Like the Panier Soleil, they have other big bag sizes such as Le Seau Carre Logo-Plaque tote bag, an everyday functional piece.

How expensive is the Jacquemus bag

Jacques bags are a bit pricey; as one of its most petite styles, the circular bag, mini Le Pitchou, is retailed at $195. Other designs such as the Le caring shoulder bag are sold at $900, and the Le Chiquito goes for $510 from the brand’s official website.

The prices of Jacquemes bags come as a surprise to some people because they are small. However, you should not use the size of the accessory to judge the prices. Rather the quality of the materials used in producing the bag. Also, keeping in mind that you are buying a luxury item makes it worth it. If you fancy any Jacquemus bags, be ready to splurge a little.

Checking for the authenticity of a Jacquemus bag

If you are buying pre-owned or from an unconfirmed source, you should know the difference between a real or fake Jacquemus bag. This is important because con artists take advantage of the popularity of luxury goods like this to scam people.

The trendy Le Chiquito bag is no stranger to being cloned and counterfeited. They do a pretty decent job that it only takes a keen eye to tell an original apart. Anyway, here are some things to look out for.

The bag shape: A Jacquemus bag is structurally shaped because it is made by hand. So, all the edges are sharp with a straight flap. When you see a bag with an unstructured or slightly loose shape, you should look closely for more details before shopping.

The stitch pattern: The hand of the bag is pretty more extensive compared to the bag size. For the handle to stay in place, the bags were finely stitched in place; you can check other parts of the pack with stitch lines. If you spot any irregularity, it’s a sign that the bag is fake.

how to tell a fake from a real luxury item
Source: Legittrails

The hardware: The gold lock hardware is an unmissable part of the Jacquemus bag, and it should be very bright and flashy. If it looks dull, that’s a red flag.

Jacquemus spelling on the flap: Le Chiquito bag is elevated by the Jacquemus name spelled out in all caps. The original should be bold, narrow, and darkened, giving a 3D illusion because the brand uses a signature font.

Most fake retailers might sell it at a reasonably lower price to reel you in, but nothing beats buying an original product that will stand the test of time. This is why you should buy from the brand directly or from a trusted store.

Caring for your Jacquemus bag

The bags are made to last long, but they may not look very good with time when you do not handle the bags properly. Since the tanned leather is susceptible and can easily be marked when scratched. To care for your Jacquemus bag, the manufacturer recommends

  • Keep your bag away from direct sunlight or other types of light exposure.
  • Avoid placing or spilling cosmetics or beauty products on the bag.
  • You should also ensure to store your bag in a cool, dry place, as the best place to store your pack should be in the dust bag that comes with it.

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