10 things to look out for when buying white jeans

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Denim trousers are among the comfiest and most versatile clothes you can wear. White jeans are just like the traditional blue jeans but dyed white. They come in various styles such as skinny, distressed, straight, and all other styles available.

When shopping for jeans we consider the basic things like size, design, and stretch, but for white jeans, you will have to consider much more than the basic factors. Jeans shopping should be easy, but it is a bit trickier for white jeans, and this is because white jeans are unique, due to the color.

Although, the reputation of white jeans is not so great, here are 10 things to look out for when buying them and a curation of the best white jeans to shop according to your preferences.

1. The fabric quality of the jeans

The fabric used in making the trousers is one of the most important factors to consider when buying white jeans. Pure cotton should be the fabric of choice, as they do not stretch like other spandex materials.

This is because as fabrics stretch, it gives way to the body and this results in different lines which are more visible on white clothes. If you don’t look out for these, you might end up with trousers that look different than what you were going for and end up being unwearable.

The Democracy Women’s trousers below is made of 44% Cotton, 34% Tencel Lyocell, 20% Polyester, and 2% Spandex, making it very comfortable for any season.

2. The jeans waistline and rise

White is a bright color, so if you do not get the perfect waistline for your body type, it will be more obvious than in other colors of jeans. For the fit, high-rise jeans are right to get your summer baggy jeans look going.

But don’t just choose any type of trousers, be sure that it has the perfect jeans rise for you and that it flatters your body. Look no further than the Wax Jean denim high rise skinny jeans below for white jeans that flatters your body and looks amazing.

3. The white color shade

Do not be tricked into buying different shades of color that are not your choice. Unless it is specifically your choice, then do not go for off-white colors.

Chances are they will not look good on the jean type you buy as such colors look better with specific fabrics and designs. Instead, go for these NYDJ Women’s skinny jeans that comes in several flattering off-white colors.

4. Brand

This is a secondary thing to look out for unless you are picky and concerned about brands. Although, it is not advisable to shop based on brand preference, if your preferred brand offers a great assortment of white jeans then you can buy from them.

5. Maintenance of your white jeans

You should also factor in how to keep the trousers clean, since white is a color that picks up stains easily. Consider if you will be able to easily maintain the color of the jeans because some fabrics retain stains more than others.

Follow the wash instruction so you can get longer use out of your precious trousers.

6. The thickness of the fabric

It is not just about choosing 100% cotton fabric. You will have to consider the thickness of the material. That way you can avoid buying jeans that are transparent, which might show the ‘nooks’. This is a common issue people notice after buying white jeans.

Solve this problem with Wrangler’s mid-rise bootcut jeans that are made with 61% Cotton, 23% Rayon, 15% Polyester, and 1% Spandex. As they are originally made for riding, you can be sure that you’ll get the most out of these trousers.

7. The hem and length

White jeans need to have the right length so you can achieve the fresh, crisp look that you want. Ankle-length jeans are recommended, but that shouldn’t stop you from buying any kind of jeans you like.

Just avoid unstitched hems as these types of jeans tend to pick up dirt easily.

8. No distress zone

Sure distressed jeans are great, but on white jeans, these designs don’t always work out so great. They tend to look shaggy, thus taking away the crisp look these pair of jeans is supposed to give.

If you must, keep them minimal and following the original wear. These high waisted jeans are a perfect example of a minimally distressed pair of jeans.

9. White jeans must fit

When it comes to other pairs of jeans colors, you can wear any kind of fit that you want. But as for white jeans, they have to fit very well so they don’t appear scruffy.

The color stands out, and this is why they must fit perfectly. In your search for the perfect fit, also consider your comfort. That way, you look good and feel good as well. Ruby Rd. Women’s Pull-on Extra Stretch Denim Jeans has extra stretch to fit more snugly around your curves.

10. The design

Jean design is an important thing to look out for, like always. For white jeans, it is even more important, as any wrong detail on such jeans is more vivid than on the classic blue jeans.

One look to avoid is allowing the front pockets to show through as you put on the jeans. It takes the focus to the widest part of the body, and it is a fashion slip that ladies should avoid. Women who aren’t afraid to explore their style in white jeans should try UOFOCO’s high waist bell bottom jeans with straps.


Jeans are an essential pair of trousers to have in your wardrobe. The color is neutral, which means that it fits almost all colors of tops you may want to wear. Take your time before you make a choice, as it may feel like buying swimwear which takes a lot of effort.

This is why you should read the jean labels very well because brands have different sizes, fits and care plans. The perfect white jeans await you!

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