10 things to know before getting curly bangs

Tracee Ellis ross with curly bangs
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Curly bangs is one hairstyle that many ladies are skeptical about trying. They always find an excuse not to do it.

If you have curly hair, you may think that the hair might not fit your face since you are used to wearing your hair in a certain style. On the other hand, it could seem like a hassle for people with straight hair, who will most likely not want to curl their hair and cut it for these bangs.

Most hairstylists say it is nothing to worry about as long as you get the right length and curl for your face. The color will also probably have an impact on how it flatters you. If you are ready to test the waters, then curly bangs will change your hair game. Before you do, here are a few things to know before you get your curly vibe on.

1. Curly bangs and the shape of your face

The aim of getting any hairstyle is to switch up your look and stay beautiful. This is why you should consider the shape of your face before deciding how you want your bangs to appear. People with oval face shapes can rock any style of bangs. Unfortunately, those who don’t have the oval face shape will have to carefully consider their face shape and find a style that will suit them before cutting their hair.

2. The texture of your hair

People with thick hair may not be able to avoid full bangs. While those with lighter hair density will most likely have light bangs. This will not limit your styling options as you can still go for any look of your choice.

3. The style of bangs

It is nice to have a hairstyle that you love. You will have to decide on the length and thickness of your bangs — if it should stay short or long so it grazes your eyes. The choice you make is up to you because you will be the one to style and live with the hairstyle.


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4. The type of curls

The curl type plays a role in how the bangs will be cut, which makes it an important point to consider even for those new to curling their hair. The more your bangs are, the thicker they will be cut. For true curly hair, they bounce on their own so you need to consider this when choosing the types of bangs you’ll get.

5. The direction of your hairline

The natural direction in which your hair grows should determine how the bangs will fall on your face. Hair that falls straight down will have bangs that grow the same way, and so will hair that grows sideways.

6. Reduction in curl length

Curly hair loses some of its length due to the curls. The hair tends to get longer when wet, so it would be a mistake to use the length to judge, especially with wet hair. You should only allow a haircut when your hair is dry, regardless of who is giving you the haircut. This is the only way to get the perfect length and volume for your bangs.

7. Maintenance of the hairstyle

Bangs rest on the forehead. Considering their volume, you will need to schedule saloon visits to trim the hair whenever they become overgrown. As they touch your face, they also absorb facial oils which will make the hair greasy. Because of this, you will have to wash your hair often to keep it looking good. Washing your hair often will straighten your curls so you will have to invest in some re-curling hair products.


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8. Keep your curls alive

As you go about rocking your hair, you will realize that you need to keep them alive. Curl setting creams and conditioners are a must-have. Apply the products, hydrate, and use your fingers to style and air them out, then you are good to go. This is the only way to enjoy the full potential of curly hair.

9. Bold new look

Curly bangs are a look that draws attention as they just have a way of impacting the face. The hairstyle follows the pattern of the cut and layers the face. Thus, they look good on anyone and work amazingly to flatter your facial features.

10. Test run the hairstyle

If you are still not sure if curly bangs are for you, then you shouldn’t completely commit to the style just yet. Check how the hair will look on you by sectioning out some hair and using some pins to hold them to the front of your face like bangs. This way you get a semblance of how the hairstyle will look on you.


Curly bangs are a hairstyle that gives a wide choice when it comes to styling. As the hair grows on you, the more you ease into it and enjoy the hair. Don’t forget to choose the bangs that flatter your best features. Layers of curls framing your face is a look you should try.

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