10 things to know before getting a lip piercing

Like most body modifications, a lip piercing is the perforation of the lips and its surroundings to wear jewellery and for adornment purposes. Most people follow this trend because it is a cool and unique way to show off their personal style.

The lips are easy to pierce if you are going for the standard single hole, but that shouldn’t stop you from going for as many you desire.

If you are contemplating getting a lip piercing, you no doubt need answers to many of your questions, from how it is done to the different types of piercing. This article contains the 10 most important things you should know before you get your lips pierced.

How it is done

The procedure is straightforward; it involves passing a needle through the spot on your lips that you want to pierce. The piercer will wear a pair of gloves, clean the area of your lips that you want to pierce, and ask you to rinse out your mouth.

How to pierce the lips
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Once you choose your perfect spot, your lip will be clamped to keep it stable. Then a sterilised needle will be used to perforate the spot so the jewellery can be inserted. Choose a professional to do the procedure, so you do not get complications afterward.

How to prepare for the procedure

Reduce strenuous activities in the days leading to the session. You have to be well-rested and hydrated to help your immune system with the new piercing.

Types of lip piercings

There are many types of lip piercing, and they get their name from the area of perforation and the position of the jewellery. If the lips are pierced on both sides of the upper lips, it is called angel bites. The labret is the general name given to any piercing done on the bottom lips.

Types of lip piercings
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When pierced horizontally on the surface of the bottom lip, it is called horizontal lip piercing. A single piercing above the right upper lip is named after Madonna; on the left side, it is named after Marilyn Monroe.

These piercings have more complex names like snakebites, shark bites, ashley; the list is endless, as you can even pierce your inner lips. There are several types to choose from, so learn about most types before making your choice.

How painful is a lip piercing?

They are less painful than cartilage piercings because the lips are soft, but because your skin is getting perforated there is bound to be some pain since the lips are sensitive. The level of pain varies for each individual, but most people vote it low on the scale.

Healing time

The healing time is dependent on your body and how well it receives the piercing. Your aftercare routine also plays an important role in how it heals. Based on general consensus, it takes approximately two to three months for it to heal completely.

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Applying and sucking ice cubes helps with pain but you must not use your tongue to play with the jewellery. Clean your hands if you need to touch the pierced area.

Since the piercing goes in two ways, you will have to care for the outer and inner lips. Take note of this fact as you rinse your mouth and your piercing with saline or antibacterial solution. Smoking does not go well with piercings as it slows down the healing process.

Side effects

Swelling of the lips should reduce after the first week and you may also experience difficulty eating in the meantime. There is also the risk of an infection due to bad aftercare and scar tissue build-up.

The side of the jewellery that goes inside your mouth can be dangerous to your gums and teeth. This means scheduled dental checkups should be taken seriously. This is the only way to detect early, any sign of damage the jewellery may be causing to your mouth.

Cost of lip piercing

The price can range from $30 to $100. This is relative to your location, the studio you choose to get it done, and the cost of the jewellery.

Who shouldn’t get it done

A person with a history of oral infection such as gum and teeth problems should avoid getting a lip piercing.

Jewellery for lip piercing

To start the lip piercing journey, it is better to go with comfortable and recommended jewellery for your lip type. This is because you won’t be able to switch jewellery soon after getting pierced. A 14 to 16-gauge labret or flat back stud or a captive bead ring is great for a first-time lip piercing.


In summary, it is not an easy feat to get a piercing done as lip piercings are so prominent because they are on the face. This is why you should know all it entails before getting it done. This is the only way you can enjoy your piercing.

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