10 feed in braids styles to try in 2021

Braids are one of the most beautiful hairstyles anyone can wear. They come in a variety of styles, and one variation that is unique is feed in braids.  They are also known as invisible braids because they are made to look natural like the hair grows on the scalp, unlike the other braids like cornrows, which leaves visible knots on the head.

This braid style is done by skillfully feeding in hair extensions to your natural hair. This leaves the hairstyle looking sleek and natural. Any hair form of extensions you use, whether synthetic or human hair, will blend and lay perfectly on your head.

Countless styles are available for you to get creative, so you’ll need to get different colors of extensions ready because there are countless styles for you to choose from this article for the style of the feed-in braids you want to try next.

1. Straight back feed in braids

This is the classic way to get feed-in braids done. The braids are done to just follow a straight line all the way to the end of your hair. This is pretty much normal, but there are other ways to switch up the hairstyle. You can get it done in alternative sizes, where one is big and the other is small as this gives a different spin to the hair.

Straight back cornrows
Source: Pinterest

Another way is to make the tips chunky by adding extra extensions to the hair to make it bigger. No matter how you decide to style this hair, the beauty shines through in the simple way it looks.

2. Straight back double layer

With the straight back double layer style, feed-in braids are upgraded to be in two layers. Why have one when you can double it up? The hair is divided into two halves.

Double layer braids
Source: Pinterest

The bottom half is made first before the upper part is made to align together. The beauty of this hair is that it looks like straight hair from the front, but from the back, the layered look is evident. The best styling option is to put the upper layer in a bun.

3. Embellished feed in braids

Braids with accessories
Braids of any length can be switched up with accessories. The braids can be adorned with hair cuffs, beads, cowries, rings, and other things you can find to accessorize your hair with. Go as loud you can on the accessories. Express your art through your hair. That way your feed in braids are personalized and unique.

4. Feed-in bohemian curl braids

Bohemian curls on braids
Source: Pinterest

Bohemian curls introduced into the feed-in braids are the next chic choice to go for. Braids are done on only the top half part of your hair with individual braids at the back, so bohemian curls can be made to stick out of the hair. In the process of braiding, parts of the hair extensions are left out which will be curled bohemian style to complement the hairstyle. Don’t forget to keep your hair long to make the most of this gorgeous hairstyle.

Gold bohemian curls braids
Source: Instagram

5. Mohawk bun twist

It’s all in the details for this hairstyle. Perfectly aligned hair on the two sides of the hair to meet at the middle of the head which is the Mohawk. The excess of the hair extensions used for the feed-in braids is left out and then made into the mohawk. Depending on how big you want the bun to be, you can add more extensions.

Mohawk style
Source: Instagram

To create the bun, the loose extensions on the Mohawk will be divided into three or more parts and braided then wrapped into a bun.

6. Twisted tip braids

Twisted tips
Source: Pinterest

This is the normal feed in braids but with an alternate tip. Twists are used to complete the hair instead of the normal braids that are supposed to follow. The size of the twists should be made to complement the size of the braids in the front. Style in a ponytail to properly display the twists.

7. Fulani feed ins

Fulani braids
Source: kerstri Pitre

Fulani braids done feed in braids style are a beautiful hairstyle you should try. They can be made to flow straight to the back or parted in the middle to give a new look. A long braid that goes straight down can also be used to part the hair.

8. Bob feed in braids

A short length of feed-in braids made into a bob is so chic and comfy. Your stylist just has to be precise on the length and pattern so the braids bob well in a way it will look beautiful.

Bob hairstyle
Source: Instagram

9. The Chunky way

The chunky braid is a hairstyle you won’t want to miss. Make the feed-in braids in big strands to get the full vibe. It is a cute switch up from the norm.

Big feed in braids
Source: Pinterest

10. Feed-in braids and weaves combo

This is a creative way to combine weaves with braids. Curly weaves are the preferred choice here with the braids done in front so it flows into the weaves at the back. To complete this hairstyle, you can add some accessories.

Weaves with braids
Source: Instagram


In summary, feed-in braids are a seamless way of adding extensions to hair. They can be made to take any form of your choice. Long or short, whatever you decide, the hairstyle won’t let you down.

Pro tip: To come out looking sleek, don’t forget to tame your baby hairs. Layer your edges with style, add some shine, and rock your hair with class.

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