10 feedin braids for everyone to try this fall

side swept feed in braids
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Feed-in braids have been very trendy this 2021; the hairstyle is popular since it uses a special technique to seamlessly add hair extensions to the natural hair. They are also fixed so your hairline is maintained, and the tension caused by extensions is reduced from your edges.

The beauty of the hairstyle is better seen on cornrows and straight-back styles. This leaves a space in between each line but even in fall, you can still rock the protective hairstyle. With all the combinations you can create with the braids, here are ten you should be making now.

1. Half curly feed in braids

Take your braids up a notch by leaving them up until the halfway point of your head. Then add thick curly extensions to the back. The result is a gorgeous hairstyle, that will stand the chill of fall as the curls add a nice texture to the feed-in braids. You can style by allowing the curls to flow for more warmth, or gathering it up to switch up the hairstyle.

half braids half curly hair
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2. The small details

Give more details to the classic straight-back hairstyle with a fine smaller piece added for an intricate design. It covers up more space and makes the hairstyle more gorgeous. The small braids are also used to complement the big braid pieces, for the delicate touch they give. They require less styling to look great for any outing.

Small details hairstyle
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3. Feed ins and passion twists

Another upgrade of the classic braids in fall is the infusion of passion twists. They are a bouncy fluffy twist pattern that can not only make your braids look more beautiful but also take you through fall. Normally you can attach them halfway, take them all the way to the back, or style them into a high bun for different looks.

passion twist infused feed in braids
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4. Crisscrossing braids

This hairstyle is made in two directions that blend into each other. They put a spin on the traditional zigzag cornrows style. By the way, it crosses out with each line. Add up two accent braids to the hairstyle to give more details to the final look.

crisscrossing feed in braids
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5. Half up half down

Many rows of feed-in braids are needed to create this hairstyle, but the beauty is so worth the effort. It is achieved by parting the hair in half then plaiting the lower part all straight back. The hairstyle is elevated by having the upper half made into all-around braids gathered into a ponytail. This makes it stand out from the average feed-in styles.

half up half down feed in
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6. Chunky feed in braids

Going chunky is fall-approved with a feed-in braid feature. They cover up more space, they are also easy and quick to make. The texture of this look is just right for the season, elevate the look by adding some hair cuffs for some edgy details.

chunky hairstyle
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7. Multi-layered braids

Coverup with several layers of feed-in braids, the textured look is just right for fall. Start with the lower layer, then the sides and upper layer to finish up. To bring the hairstyle together, add an optional thick centerpiece braid, with gold rings for a gorgeous effect. The layers the hair provides will be all you need to get through the season.

multilayered feed ins
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8. Feed ins to knots

Knots give off a retro vibe and is achievable with feed-in braids. The braids are made into sections and the extended parts are then made into knots. Here the accent braids lay flat for close-up beauty while the knots are the attention-grabbing pointers. They are the perfect hybrid statement hairstyle you should be rocking.

knotted hairstyle
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9. Side-swept braids

Side-swept feed-in braids look especially cute and have been dubbed the lemonade style. They come alive with feed-ins. The side falling details make them look pretty on anyone. Such hairstyles are easy to achieve in good time if you opt for bigger pieces. Try making them in fall colors such as deep reds, and copper tinted hair extensions to add a bold seasonal touch to your look.

stich side swept
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10. Upper parted feed in braids

Go elaborate with your braids this fall by adding more textures. Put a spin on the normal straight back braids and infuse some box braids to give more details. Another gorgeous spin you can try is using the uppermost layer to make feed-in braids with a center part that will frame the face. The sides are made into different patterns to complete the elaborate masterpiece.

Rhianna with feed in braids
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Feed-in braids can be customized into any style that you want. The colors, length, beads, and extra details that make the hair pop are also chosen by you. Whichever style you opt for, they all look cute anyway. But Before stepping out apply some shine to your hair, lay down your edges for extra cute points. Your carefree and protective fall season-approved hairstyle is all done.

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